Transformative Change

by Laura E. Reimer (Author), Cathryne L. Schmitz (Author), Emily M. Janke (Author), Ali Askerov (Author), Barbara T. Strahl (Author), Thomas G. Matyók (Author)

This foundational Peace and Conflict Studies text is formatted to fit inside a 14 week college/university term. The chapters are designed to provide a succinct overview of research, theory, and practice that can be supplemented with material chosen by the professor. The book introduces students to the core concepts of the field, and provides an up to date alternative to the Peace and Conflict readers. It will move from historical development of the field to the way forward into the future. Each chapter will reflect current trends and research and contain up to date examples, questions for discussion or for potential student research topics, suggested reading, and engaged teaching activities.

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August 21, 2015
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