The Power of a Positive Woman Devotional GIFT

by Karol Ladd (Author)
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52 Powerful Devotionals for the Busy Woman

What woman doesn't yearn for a few moments of reflective peace and serene quiet in the presence of God? Yet, most women wear too many hats and feel pulled in too many directions to stop for this much-needed refreshment.

Best-selling author Karol Ladd has helped hundreds of thousands of women overcome this negative world to become a positive force. There intimate moments with God will fill you with inspiration and instill you with the courage to be the positive woman you want to be.

Each devotional includes:
an inspirational scripture
a positive message
encouraging quotes
a prayer
guided journaling sections
proactive choices for living

Beginning in Genesis and moving through the Bible, these inspiring, practical devotions will increase your faith and help you to be a positive woman all week long.

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June 15, 2010
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