Casino Craps

by Robert R. Roto (Author)
Unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

Of all the games in the casino, only one allows the player to engage the house in a fair fight. Craps, when played intelligently and prudently, reduces the house advantage to a miniscule .6 percent, a margin that can be overcome with smart betting and simple money management.

How could casinos afford to offer such a winnable game? What?s the catch? For players willing to devote a little time and patience learning the ins and outs, there is no catch!

Here is the most comprehensive, expert, and reader-friendly guide to casino craps ever written. Robert R. Roto, a documented lifetime winner, has dissected the odds like a surgeon and formulated several systems of variable risk and aggressivenessall guaranteed to maximize the player?s chances of winning. Whether you are betting with $5 or $1,000 chips, whether you play right? or wrong,? whether your strategy is to come in on the Pass line and then switch to Don?t Pass, or you employ the just diddo that? session rule, Roto will teach you how to milk the casino odds for every percentage point possible.

Too many players refuse to learn the nuances of the game, insisting instead on fattening the casino?s bankroll. Wouldn?t you rather join the author in the winners? club?

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June 21, 2016
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