Presidential Swing States: Why Only Ten Matter

by Donald W. Beachler (Author), Matthew L. Bergbower (Author), Chris Cooper (Author), David F. Damore (Author), Bas Van Dooren (Author), Sean D. Foreman (Author), Rebecca D. Gill (Author), Henriët Hendriks (Author), Donna Hoffmann (Author), Rafael Jacob (Author), Gibbs Knotts (Author), Neil Kraus (Author), Christopher Larimer (Author), John McGlennon (Author), Scott L. McLean (Author), Niall J. A. Palmer (Author), Robert R. Preuhs (Author), Norman Provizer (Author), Andrew Thangasamy (Author), Kenneth F. Warren (Author), Aaron C. Weinschenk (Author), David Schultz (Editor), Stacey Hunter Hecht (Editor)
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This book examines the phenomena of presidential swing states, exploring why some are capable of being decisive in determining who wins the presidency. Students in classes on American Politics and Government, Campaigns and Elections, State Politics, and the Presidency will all be well-served by this volume, as will journalists.

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October 29, 2015
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