Standing Water

by Eleanor Chai (Author)
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unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

A profound literary debut that recounts a child?s singular story

Since I made you, you may

imagine I set myself on fire?
or better, say: you lit the funeral pyre
from ten thousand days away.

A young woman in Paris encounters an uncanny presence on a tour of a small museum. A study by Rodin of the dancer Little Hanako?titled Head of Sorrow?triggers in the young woman recognition of her mother, a mother erased from her life since childhood.

Thus begins Eleanor Chai?s Standing Water, one of the most remarkable first books of poetry in recent years. It is a journey into the past as well as the present?into the narrative hidden from the poet since birth, as well as the strategies that she has adopted to survive. It is a journey about how we learn to cope with, to perceive and describe, the world. It is a story about savage privilege and deprivation.

Haunting the whole is the figure of the real Little Hanako?Rodin?s model, a Japanese artist displaced in Europe, the medium through which other artists dream and discover the world.

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Publication Date
April 11, 2016
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