Napoleon and the campaign of 1814

by Henry Houssaye (Author)
20 Loans, 20 Concurent Loans

spanJanuary 1814. The Great Army, hit hard by the defeat of Leipzig October 19 1813, must leave the scene of German operations to defend its national territory. Cornered and hunted by the Blücher’s Russians and Prussians troops, Bernadotte’s Swedes and Schwarzenberg’s Austrians, the Emperor must reconstruct, from debris of Leipzig, an army able to bring him victory. The campaign that he is about to deliver will be his military masterpiece. Rushing on all fronts, he takes the allied armies in the rear by lightning action with astounding accuracy, so that even today, the campaign of France is taught in military academies around the
Published for the first time in 1888, 1814 Henry Houssaye (1848-1911) is a classic of Napoleonic history. The style of the author takes us to the heart of the action and political intricacies of this important episode in the history of France and
This new edition includes 3 new maps and a dynamic table of contents, providing easy access to maps and illustrations. /span

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March 22, 2016
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