Yuck's Slime Monster

by Matt and Dave (Author), Nigel Baines (Illustrator)

Captain Underpants fans will be gleefully disgusted with this new laugh-out-loud series, starring a boy so gross they named him Yuck.

In ?Yuck?s Slime Monster,? the Prince of Pungency hatches a disgusting plan?if he can?t bring his pet slug to school, he?ll bring a Slime Monster instead! Soon enough, there?s goo and slop everywhere! Can Yuck control the Slime Monster before it takes over his school?
     And in ?Yuck?s Gross Party,? Yuck?s sister Polly?prim as a Princess?throws a birthday bash that doesn?t include him. So to get even, he assembles his revolting gang for a gruesome party with gross games galore! And he and his pals are going to make Polly the most disgusting birthday cake ever!

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May 01, 2012
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