Three in a Bed: Conversations with a sex therapist (HarperTrue Desire – A Short Read)

by Joanna Benfield (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

A frank insight into the lives of those who come into sex therapy and how it changes their world.

Following the stories of the clients who come into Joanna’s consulting room, Three in a Bed allows the reader to become a fly on the wall in her day-to-day work. We meet Ben, whose use of prostitutes destroyed his marriage, and Samuel, whose worries about his sexual performance led him to become impotent. We are also introduced to couples such as Jia and Hugo, who love each other dearly but don’t seem to be able to fulfil each other sexually any longer. Revealing what happens when the client is on the couch, Joanna lets us into her therapy room to hear the deepest sexual fears, secrets and fantasies.

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Publication date
January 14, 2016