The Scoop on Poop

by Dan Chiras (Author)
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Flush it and forget it is the plumbing mantra of the industrialized world. Most people just want sewage to go away, preferably without having to see, smell, or worse yet, touch it. But crap has a bad rap. Human waste is a valuable resource we can use to support food production. Blackwater, greywater, and solids are actually rich in organic matter, and alternative means of handling these "wastes" can conserve enormous quantities of fresh water for other uses.

The Scoop on Poop presents a wide range of ways to answer the call of nature, and in so doing to maximize the benefits of existing waste water. This book explores proven alternatives to Western sanitation. Whether you're interested in composting toilets, outdoor grey- or blackwater planters, constructed wetlands, or other innovative solutions, author Dan Chiras will walk you through:

System pros and cons Design, construction, and maintenance advice Costs, permitting issues, and the safe treatment of composted waste

All system plans are relatively simple and straightforward enough for the average homeowner to build and install. Intended for readers who live in cities, towns and rural environments, this is a practical guide to safe, ingenious ways to capture the nutrients from waste and recycle them back into your soil to grow fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers—all without running afoul of the "ick" factor.

Dan Chiras is the author of over thirty books on residential renewable energy and green building, and is the director of the Evergreen Institute's Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building.

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January 25, 2016
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