Yoga for Couples

by Guillermo Ferrara (Author)
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In addition to increasing your flexibility, harmony, and spiritual balance, Yoga for Couples helps by narrowing the bonds that tie us together. This activity encompasses a combination of techniques and exercises that invigorate the body, pacify the mind, and elevate the spirit.

This revolutionary book by Guillermo Ferrara presents a kind of yoga that is dynamic, youthful, and current, one that you can practice with whomever you want, regardless of any romantic connection. The exercises and advice in this guide are a gift for the muscles, organs, and skin, serving as a refuge of vital energy. It contains:

Yoga for couples poses
Exercises to increase flexibility
Yoga-style cooking ideas to share
Yoga and dancing moves
Details on the philosophy of yoga
Insight on meditation for two
Information on sacred spaces
Advice on breathing and increasing energy

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January 05, 2016
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