Sweet Peas and Honeybees

de Jenny Meyerhoff (Autor), Éva Chatelain (Ilustrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, 2 años, Uno a la vez

Anna and her friends throw a Summer Bee Bash in the fourth book in the Friendship Garden series.

The Friendship Garden summer program is in full swing. The summer session, called Sweet Peas and Honeybees, is going to be all about flowers?and bugs. Anna hates bugs! But her little brother, Colin, loves them. And now he?s going to be following Anna around all summer long. B-L-E-C-H.

The gardeners also meet Mr. Munoz, a beekeeper who lives nearby. He tells them all about how important bees are to gardens. When Anna finds out that the honeybees are in danger because of colony collapse disorder, she becomes obsessed with saving them. Maybe too obsessed! Kaya, Reed, and Bailey miss seeing Anna, who spends all of her time thinking of ways to rescue honeybees, and not enough time with her friends.

At the same time, Anna?s little brother, Colin, won?t stay out of her way, and Anna just wants him to buzz off.

Can Anna save the bees?or will her buzzing new hobby keep her friends far away?

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10 de mayo de 2016
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