Amy Is a Little Bit Chicken

de Callie Barkley (Autor), Tracy Bishop (Ilustrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, 2 años, Uno a la vez

Amy and her friends care for some chickens and prepare for the Santa Vista Quiz Bowl in the thirteenth book of The Critter Club series!

Amy has never liked being in the spotlight. When all of her friends decide to form a team for the Santa Vista Quiz Bowl, Amy isn?t so sure it?s a good idea. She knows she can answer the quiz questions?but can she do it in front of hundreds of people?

Meanwhile, the Critter Club is caring for a few chickens that need a home. And as the day of the Quiz Bowl gets closer, Amy starts to feel a little bit chicken herself! Will she get over her stage fright and help her team win?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, The Critter Club chapter books are perfect for beginning readers!

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22 de diciembre de 2015
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