No Fair!

by Donna Jo Napoli (Author), Doron Ben-Ami (Illustrator), Lauren Klementz-Harte (Illustrator)
unlimited loans, 2 years, One at a time

Even angels have a hard time playing fair
The Little Angel of Fairness wants to treat all of her friends the same way, but sometimes it isn't easy. She's trying hard to earn her wings, and she really wants to get the best Angel assignments. But is it fair if her friends are sometimes left behind?
Jessica knows what it feels like to be left behind. She wants to hang out with her older brother, Hank. But sometimes Hank wants to do things that are for "boys only" -- like dressing up in a pirate costume for the big town parade. Jessica wants to dress up, too. And she knows she could come up with a great costume. Can the Little Angel of Fairness help her show Hank that girls are just as good as boys?
Be fair.

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October 06, 2015
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