The Hawaiians an Island People

The Hawaiians an Island People

by Helen Pratt (Author)
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"The old life described in this book disappeared long ago, but something of its heritage has, in Hawaii, become the heritage of all who live there today." With these words from the introduction to The Hawaiians: An Island People, Helen Gay Pratt invites her readers to become acquainted with Hawaii's original inhabitants and their fascinating way of life.

Beginning with a view of geographical setting and an account of arrival of the original Polynesian settlers, the author goes on to a more detailed study of life of the early Hawaiians: their occupations and crafts, their products, their homes, their customs, their sports and games, their poetry, and their legends.

Not the least of the book's attractions is its intermingling of fact with examples of poetry and legend. "No one has ever known them," says the author. "No one has ever described the Hawaiian people themselves…The Hawaiian people did more than adapt themselves to a restricted natural environment. They knew and loved the beauty of their island home.”

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July 26, 2011
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