How they live... Rodents

How they live... Rodents

by David Withrington (Author), Ivan Esenko (Author)
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From 6 years old

Come and discover the wonderful life of rodents! Learn about their environment, their physical features, what they eat and much more!

The “How they live” collection is a must-have for children and other members of the family who are eager to learn about nature and animals while having fun.


Rodents are a large group of mammals that occur in most parts of the world. They have a single pair of front incisor teeth that grow throughout their lives. Their teeth are covered by solid enamel at the front, with softer dentine behind which get sharpened with use. Slovenia is home to a number of small species of rodents, the biggest of which is the Alpine Marmot, a member of the squirrel family. Many rodents have adapted to living alongside humans, but they often become a nuisance. They are good at finding food, so it comes as no surprise that they cause trouble in food warehouses, our kitchens, and other food-storage areas. They are also attracted to food that can be found in the rubbish we throw away. They may contaminate food with their droppings, and infectious diseases – such as bubonic plague – are transmitted by rat fleas. Mice and rats live successfully in the proximity of man, partly due to the lack of natural predators.


The collection "How they live..." is about wild creatures and their relation to our lives and the environment.

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Ivan Esenko presents the world of nature and invites the reader to learn more about the world that we are part of. His camera is his most faithful companion and its lens particularly likes to ‘capture’ those animals that live in close quarters to man. We take them so much for granted that we no longer seem to care for them. Ivan is their voice, he has become their ‘personal’ photographer.
David Withrington from Britain has spent most of his professional life working for the official agency, Natural England, where he was initially Author/Editor and latterly Senior Freshwater Adviser. He has a particular interest in birds and butterflies. He has many contacts across Europe through his voluntary work for youth and environmental conservation, including friends in Slovenia, a country which he has visited 34 times.


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June 15, 2015
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