Gobi Runner

by Stéfan Danis (Author)
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In the midst of a devastating year for his and most businesses, Stefan Danis searched for a challenge that would get him in physical and mental shape for what lay ahead, inspire others in similar situations, and raise funds for those in his industry who had fallen on even harder times.

With only a vague understanding of what he was getting himself into, he settled on the Gobi March, an unaided 250-kilometer foot race in the Gobi Desert of China.

Now, in this captivating story of mind over matter, he shares how he overcame the challenges he faced -- from extensive training to injuries that nearly kept him from the race to running in blazing heat on stones, sand, through rivers, and even up mountains -- and made it to the finish line, stronger and better equipped for what lay ahead.

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October 10, 2011
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