Guns the Right Way: Introducing Kids to Firearm Safety and Shooting

by Jerry Luciano (Author)
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Regardless of age, every child can benefit from learning about gun safety. Whether you want to introduce your child to firearms for hunting or sport – or simply ensure that he or she knows how to be safe around firearms – this is the book for you!

This straightforward teaching aid can help you understand the unique issues associated with kids and firearms:
  • When a child Is "old enough"
  • Young children and guns
  • "Tweens" and guns
  • Teenagers and guns
  • Do video games help, or hurt?
  • Teaching “The Ten Commandments” of gun safety
  • Putting deadly power in a child’s hands
  • Hunting and competitive shooting sports
  • One rule that is never violated
  • And much more!
Youth firearms safety instructor Jerry Luciano provides expert, step-by-step instruction in the proper and safe process for introducing kids to firearm safety and guns, regardless of age. Whether or not you own guns, this book can help you teach your kids to be safe around firearms, and introduce them to a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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July 02, 2015
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