The Yoga Back Book: The Gentle Yet Effective Way to Spinal Health

by Stella Weller (Author)
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New ebook edition of this popular yoga book – with exercises selected to care for the back and spine.

The Yoga Back Book is an ideal programme for people who suffer from back, neck or other related problems.

This new edition contains black and white photography to illustrate the yoga postures and is designed throughout to create an attractive, easy to follow workbook feel.

The Yoga is gentle and non-stressful so it will not put undue pressure on the back or spine. The exercises effect a gradual stretching, strengthening and relaxing of the back that will help to ease away the causes of back ache.

safe, simple controlled exercises with synchronised breathing.
• learn to sit, stand, bend, get up and lie down with out causing pain.
• techniques to incorporate into daily schedules
• explains how the back works and what can go wrong
• provides tips for general back care – including nutrition for a healthy back and spine.

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Publication date
April 30, 2015
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