Wing Chun Kung-Fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques

Wing Chun Kung-Fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques

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Introducing a new scientific approach to Wing Chun kung-fu, this book gives a clear and detailed exposition of once closely guarded techniques.

In Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 3: Weapons & Advanced Techniques, the final book in this Chinese martial arts series, author Dr. Joseph Wayne Smith applies dynamic scientific methodology to Wing Chun weapons and training tools, providing a complete analysis of why and how each item is used.

The reader is led step-by-step through the use of the Wing Chun Wooden-Dummy—a valuable training tool for developing trapping, striking, and kicking skills; the Wing Chun Butterfly Knives—deadly bladed weapons for both attack and defense; and the Six-and-a-Half Pole—a simple but devastating weapon in the hands of the Wing Chun fighter. The author encourages students to recognize the practical and physical benefits of traditional fighting weapons in the modern environment.

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December 15, 1992
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