Wing Chun Kung-Fu Volume 2: Fighting & Grappling

Wing Chun Kung-Fu Volume 2: Fighting & Grappling

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Not simply a training manual but a combat survival guide, Fighting and Grappling is a challenging book for all students of the martial arts.

In this second volume of Wing Chune Kung-Fu: A Complete Guide, the techniques introduced in Basic Forms and Principles are shown in combat situations. The combat applications of Wing Chun's sticky-hand, sticky-leg, and grappling and throwing techniques are shown in detail and are fully illustrated.

A chapter on the controversial poison touch (dar mak) explains the effect of strikes to the weak points of the human body in terms of both acupuncture and modern medical theory.

Finally, the author argues that the martial arts must evolve and develop new techniques to meet a changing environment. He shows this process of integration in action, uniting White Crane kung-fu and Thai kickboxing with Wing Chun to produce a complete and devastating new fighting system.

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October 15, 1992
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