@Braces A Social Media Guide to Braces

@Braces A Social Media Guide to Braces

by Steven J. Schau (Author)

@Braces a book? No, it's social media. @Braces is a social media visual guide to braces with social media posts from Instagram from real young adults on the do's and don'ts, in's and out's and other helpful information to show the reader how to get the most from their braces.

@Braces is written in an extraordinary and youthful appealing social media format that is widely used on Instagram. Real social media exchanges on @Braces and the colored pictures covering the most important aspects of wearing braces offer insights from young people on how to navigate their braces experience.

@Braces is the most effective learning tool available to those that are new to braces by creating an understanding with the reader on their responsibilities and by laying down a road map via social media on getting the best results and that perfect smile with the least inconvenience and complications and in the least amount of time.

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March 24, 2015
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