Phredde And The Ghostly Underpants: A Story To Eat With A Mango

by Jackie French (Author)
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Another spell-binding and spooky story starring Phredde, a fractious but fun-loving phaery, Bruce, a mosquito-eating frog, and Pru, an everyday-normal school girl - except that she lives in a fairy castle, keeps pet piranhas, has a werewolf for a brother and a vampire for a teacher. AND EXCEPt that now she has just inherited her very own mansion and is the envy of ALL her friends. Is this too good to be true? Is there something suspicous about Mr Nahsti, the solicitor? Why do Phredde and Bruce, Pru's best friends in the world, keep sneaking off to Phaeryland without her? And most important: who keeps stealing Pru's underpants? A hair-raising, spine-tingling GHOStLY tale of phaeries, underpants and adventure!

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Publication date
April 01, 2010