How To Make Good Food Go Further: Recipes and Tips from The New English Kitchen

by Rose Prince (Author)
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Rose Prince’s The New English Kitchen was a modern classic and a house-hold gem. Collected here are its most essential recommendations and recipes for making good food go further.

From how to stretch a native breed, properly hung cut of beef to eight meals, to making stock from prawn or langoustine shells, to saving by making your own bread (and using it right up to the last crumb), How to Make Good Food Go Further will inspire you make the absolute most of the food you buy. With brilliantly simple recipes for leftovers, cheaper cuts, and making nourishing meals from the simplest of components, it will help you discover that it is possible to eat well, and eat economically, without compromising on quality or the simple pleasure of eating good food.

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Publication date
March 13, 2014