10-Minute Pilates with the Ball: Simple Routines for a Strong, Toned Body – includes exercises for pregnancy

by Lesley Ackland (Author)
26 Loans, One at a time

Easy-to-follow 10 minute routines using the Pilates exercise ball to enhance your Pilates workout, from the bestselling Lesley Ackland. Used by Olympic coaches, ballet dancers and athletes to achieve optimal performance, this safe and effective exercise regime is also suitable for anyone wanting to get fit and toned, as well as pregnant women.

• Pilates is famous for being a safe and effective exercise regime that gives you long, toned limbs, great posture and amazing abdominal strength. The large inflated Swiss exercise ball, which is becoming increasingly popular, maximises the benefits of a Pilates workout and provides the perfect base for performing the graceful, strength-building Pilates movements.

• Pilates ball routines are used by Olympic coaches, ballet dancers and athletes to enhance performance. In this book, Lesley Ackland makes the techniques available to everybody whatever your level of fitness, with simple 10 minute routines that are easy to fit into your day.

• The Pilates ball method is especially popular with pregnant women due to the extra support it provides, and this book contains a special section dedicated to routines for birth and pregnancy.

• As well as increasing fitness, strength and stamina, the book contains exercises suitable for people dealing with back and neck problems.

• Pilates balls are readily available, and this book shows you how to get the benefits of this exercise programme without the need for expensive lessons or equipment.

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Publication Date
December 12, 2013
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