The Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Science Fact-o-pedia: A Startling Collection of Scientific Trivia You’ll Never Need to Know

by Wendy Leonard, PhD MPH (Author), Steve Kanaras (Illustrator), Matt C. Ryan (Illustrator)
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Calling all trivia buffs! Loaded with over 200 entries and almost 2,000 bits of trivia, this book will arm you with hundreds of useless scientific tidbits – perfect for curious minds.

Organized from A (“Amino Acids”) to Z (“Zombie Etiquette”), and packed with great cartoons, The Useless Science Fact-o-Pedia is a treasure trove of fun facts for the inquiring mind. It’s perfect, whether you’re looking to stimulate your brain or impress at a party!

Featuring such fantastic and useless facts as:

• Did you know that the U.S. Center for Disease Control published a blog post on preparing for the zombie apocalypse to teach the public about preparedness in emergencies?

• Or that Saturn is so light, it would float on water?

• Or that most mammals yawn, as well as some birds and reptiles?

• Or that the first roller coaster can be traced to 15th-century Russia?

• Or that Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans for a humanoid robot back in 1495?

• How about the fact that the North Atlantic Ocean gets 1 inch wider every year?

Written by an award-winning and accessible expert medical writer, The Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Science Fact-o-pedia is an extraordinary look at our seemingly ordinary world.

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January 31, 2013
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