The Moonlight Squadron: Squadron Leader Leonard Ratcliff (Tales from the Special Forces Shorts, Book 3)

by Sean Rayment (Author)
26 Loans, One at a time

This is Leonard Ratcliff’s story, one of five true-life recollections from the Second World War in Tales From The Special Forces Club.

The Special Forces Club is a fabled gentlemen’s club, based in the heart of London. It has a closely guarded secret: you have to be a genuine hero to be a member.

Leonard commanded a squadron tasked with flying Special Forces agents into Nazi-occupied Europe. His missions came with enormous risk and casualties were exceptionally high. By the end of the war the entire squadron had been lost three times over. Yet despite the dangers there was always a steady stream of volunteers ready to risk all. This is Leonard’s story.

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Publication Date
February 28, 2013