Witch Hunter

de Willow Sears (Auteur)
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A young investigator’s search for a news story and her missing boyfriend delivers her into a world of wicked sorcery and kinky desires.

It seems such a quiet little village, one unlikely to provide the scoop Mimi needs to make her name. But salacious gatherings to honour the Goddess, Paculla Annia, history’s most wanton female, are happening right on Mimi’s doorstep.

The spirit lives on in the form of Morgana, a luscious priestess who runs a coven of sex-hungry devotees, all schooled in the Dark Arts and moulded in the image of those mythical hunter-savages, the bacchantes. Morgana is assisted by Haydn Shady, a depraved man with an evil disposition and a desire for immortality. Mimi doesn’t know it but both Morgana and Shady are coming for her to settle their power struggle – the witch to take her as a lover, the villain to sacrifice her to the hunter girls.

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Date de publication
24 octobre 2013