Freedom from the Diet Trap: Slim for Life

de Jason Vale (Autor)
26 préstamos, Uno a la vez

A complete physical and psychological guide to the land of the slim and healthy. The Juice Master’s workshops and roadshows contain such antics as the ‘Who Wants to Be a Slimionnaire?’ game. This irreverent but hard-hitting book will ensure people never look at a burger in the same way again!

Jason Vale is the ultimate health coach – ‘The Juice Master’ – and in this book he reveals how everyone can get slim, get fit, and get energised – or ‘juiced’. His lively style and irreverent text nonetheless contains clear health messages for everyone:
- give up what he calls ‘drug foods’ – those nutritionally worthless addictive substances, such as sugar (‘white trash’) and caffeine – and return to a fresh diet
- eat the freshest plant ingredients and feel the fabulous health benefit of raw juice which is full of healthy enzymes
- hit out at the food industry and reject its brainwashing advertising
- use food combining to help your digestion.
The Juice Master, who has been described as a mix between Anthony Robbins, Jamie Oliver and Eddie Izzard, offers a whole new approach to reframing the way you think about food, and offers plenty of surprises along the way.

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31 de mayo de 2012
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