Detox (Collins Need to Know?)

by Gill Paul (Author)
26 Loans, One at a time

This one-stop practical guide will show you how to get your body back on track. To make your progress easier, it comes in a handy format with colour photos and expert advice throughout.

Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sugar, salt, wheat and dairy as well as pollution inside and out are all toxins and can wear your body down after a while.

When you have a toxin overload, your body has to work extra hard to maintain its natural health, and this can materialise into illnesses that won’t go away, bloatedness, and general weariness.

This book explains the science behind detoxing and how to achieve a successful detox which is right for you. The guide includes:

1. What is detoxing?
2. Why detox?
3. Your body’s natural detox system
4. Self-assessment to decide on the right plan for you
5. Principles of detox diets
6. Preparing for detox
7. Detox plans
8. Detox recipes
9. Exercises

Book Details

Publication Date
March 18, 2010
Paper ISBN