Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying: Become Bully-Proof and Regain Control of Your Life

by Aryanne Oade (Author)
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'Exactly the book you need if you are feeling intimidated by a bully.' Workplace bullying can be a toxic experience. It can lead to plummeting self-esteem, destroy your self-confidence, and impair your ability to perform. But the good news is there is no need for expensive and risky legal action - which you might not even win - or a stressful formal complaint. You don't have to leave your job either. Discover how to protect yourself from grooming and bullying. Learn how to defend yourself at the time of an attack. Re-gain your self-confidence and self-esteem following the devastation of bullying. This practical guide includes real-life examples and proven strategies which will stop bullying in its tracks. It is packed full of tactics, insight and empathy which will benefit you if you have experienced workplace bullying, or if you are concerned that you may be targeted in the future. It includes how to: - Recognise and defeat bullying behaviour simply and straightforwardly. - Understand the bullying dynamic, and learn how to alter it in your favour. - Respond effectively to a range of bullying tactics including slander, gossip, rage, lies and innuendo. - Defend yourself when your performance is questioned as part of a bullying campaign. - Respond effectively when a bullying team member opposes your authority on principle. - ...and much more. 'A must read for anyone who is being bullied or who needs to recover from workplace bullying.' Aryanne Oade has worked as a chartered psychologist for over twenty years. She coaches clients to recover from the debilitating effects of workplace bullying, and to re-discover their energy and enthusiasm. She is the bestselling author of six books. Praise for Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying "This is a brilliant, insightful guide and toolbox for managing, escaping and recovering from bullying in the workplace...essential reading." PROFESSOR DONAL MACINTYRE, Investigative Journalist and Broadcaster; Visiting Professor, School of Applied Criminology, Birmingham City University "This is a seriously courageous - and much-needed - book. Aryanne... gracefully empowers the bullied to take responsibility for resolving the situation without in any way 'blaming the victim'." BENNIE NAUDE International Energy Psychology Expert "Easy-to-read and practical, this book gives effective, realistic help for those who are being bullied...The extensive toolkit provides a myriad of ideas for tackling bullying situations." PROFESSOR CHARLOTTE RAYNER Outgoing President: International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment "This is exactly the book you need if you are feeling intimidated by a bully at work, are involved in HR or L&D, or are managing staff." TRACY WRAY Deputy HR Director, Sheffield University "This very readable book is from an author with real insight into this difficult area. The book is full of practical tools to assist the reader to regain their power from the bully in a professional and dignified way." JACKIE GREEN FCIPD former HR Director for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals "Aryanne's insightful book is an invaluable aid and toolkit to understanding, addressing and overcoming bullying behaviour." STEVE MOON former Head of Energy, Global Project Finance, Bank of Ireland "Aryanne ...adroitly and sensitively highlights the nuanced character of bullying, sharing with readers an empowering set of tools through which to address it." DR PREMILLA D'CRUZ Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad "I wish I'd had this book to hand early in my career...This book will provide a treasure trove of useful information and help for anyone suffering from - or having suffered - bullying." JOHN ALLISON former General Manager of a large publishing company

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May 31, 2015
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