Single Dad Needs…: Maid for the Single Dad / Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire / Billionaire's Jet Set Babies / Promoted: to Wife and Mother / A Mother for Matilda / Mystery Lover (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Susan Meier (Author), Abby Green (Author), Catherine Mann (Author), Jessica Hart (Author), Amy Andrews (Author), Lisa Childs (Author)
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Single Dad Needs… A helping hand? A wife? A nanny? A lover or a best friend? The right woman could be all of those!

Maid for the Single Dad by Susan Meier

Ellie Swanson has a dilemma… Her newest client is hot millionaire single dad Mac Carmichael and she's falling in love. So, when Mac asks her to be a live-in nanny as well as a maid, how can Ellie resist the temptation to be up close and personal…?

Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire by Abby Green

Ten years ago Tiarnan humiliated Kate. Now a famous model, she can have any man. So why does she want the cold-hearted millionaire? Kate knows he can’t give her true love. But as the sultry nights close in she sees hints of a different man beneath the hard exterior…

Billionaire’s Jet Set Babies by Catherine Mann

While cleaning a jet, Alexa Randall finds entrepreneur Seth Jansen’s one-year-old twins! Seth needs a temporary nanny; Alexa needs time for a one-on-one business pitch. So she says yes to an intimate stay on a lush Florida island—and to more than she’d ever dreamed of!

Promoted: to Wife and Mother by Jessica Hart

Perdita’s James’ boss, Edward Merrick, is a panther–forceful, decisive and more than a little ruthless. Her head tells her to ignore her attraction and work hard for a promotion. But somehow, whenever she's with single dad Ed, she feels anything but professional…

A Mother for Matilda by Amy Andrews

Busy single dad Lawson Dunlop has no time to see beautiful Victoria Duneleavy as anything more than his paramedic partner…until she decides to leave. Suddenly Lawson realises that Vic is not only incredible with his little girl, but he may have been in love all along!

Mystery Lover by Lisa Childs

For reporter Jillian Drake, the masked man who'd rescued her from a burning building was a saviour…and a mystery. As she unravelled his past, Jillian found herself haunted by the memory of his powerful arms. But getting close to him is more dangerous than she knows…

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June 01, 2015
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