Doom Prophecy

by Don Pendleton (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

The men and women of the covert defence team Stony Man were handpicked because they believe in a cause, driven by a passion that sends them into daily battle against impossible odds. The computer wizardry of the agency's cybernetics team enables the two action units to strike multiple blows for justice against the world's predators.

But now, even the cloak of secrecy around Stony Man isn't enough protection from the notorious cybercriminal KA55ANDRA….

She claims to be prophetess of a new age, but her agenda of destruction is aimed directly and very personally at one powerful man inside one of America's highest offi ces. Her reign of terror is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of lawmen, soldiers and intelligence operatives and shows no sign of stopping. Her destructive genius is fuelled by white-hot vengeance, and she's not above spreading mass murder across the globe to achieve it. For Stony Man, it's a showdown of blood and justice that's as personal as it gets.

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November 01, 2014
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