Short Cut To Santa Fe

26 Loans, One at a time

Toronto Police Inspector John Sanders and his girlfriend, architectural photographer Harriet Jeffries, are just starting a romantic vacation in New Mexico when they agree to help two children, Stuart and Caroline, who have been stranded at the airport.

Following a local tour bus on what they believe to be a short cut out of the city, John and Harriet find themselves lost in the mountains and under attack. As the body count rises, the pair must race to save not just Stuart and Caroline, but the remaining bus passengers as well, and they can only hope that local police authorities will piece together enough evidence to arrest the corrupt local businessman calling all of the shots.

Short Cut to Santa Fe is the final novel in the John Sanders/Harriet Jeffries mystery series.

Praise for Medora Sale

“This series has been marked by its innovative use of location. . . . This time, however, Sale has outdone herself. [Short Cut to Santa Fe] is Sale’s best novel to date.”—The Globe and Mail

Book Details

Publication Date
March 31, 2015