Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

by David Soucie (Author)
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On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 loaded 239 people on board and took off for what should have been a six-hour flight. It never made itand it?s still missing. It?s been a year since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished, and there?s still no sign of the aircraft, its passengers, or its crewnor confirmation of what happened or where the aircraft resides.

In this gripping investigation of the events that led to the plane?s disappearanceand why they could happen againCNN aviation analyst David Soucie exposes the flaws in the aviation industry, shares what needs to be done so a plane doesn?t go missing again, and uses a Bayesian analysis model to reveal what most likely happened on board the plane that led to its downfall.

Comprehensive in scope, personal and empathetic in voice, Soucie draws on his thirty years of experience as an accident investigator working with the Federal Aviation Administration. He allows you to put the wild speculation about the plane?s disappearance aside and assess the facts through the eyes of an experienced accident investigator.

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February 17, 2015
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