Life Is Spiritual Practice

by Jean Smith (Author)
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With this guide, find, and keep, true happiness by discovering and practicing Buddhism's ten virtues.

Discover the ten perfections--qualities of the heart and mind that cultivate happiness, wisdom, and compassion--and learn how to bring them into your life with this in-depth practice manual. Life Is Spiritual Practice carefully lays out the perfections, or paramis: the Buddha's foundational teaching for true happiness.
Generosity ? Ethical Integrity ? Renunciation ? Wisdom ? Wise Effort ? Patience ? Truthfulness ? Resolve ? Loving-Kindness ? Equanimity
Drawing on her more than twenty years of teaching experience, Jean Smith teases out the subtleties of the perfections and offers helpful exercises, real-life examples, and instructions for an independent self-retreat for their practical application. With this book in hand, embody the ten perfections and achieve lasting happiness, regardless of your spiritual tradition.

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February 10, 2015
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