China and East Asian Strategic Dynamics: The Shaping of a New Regional Order

by MINGJIANG LI (Author)
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China and East Asian Strategic Dynamics: the Shaping of a New Regional Order, edited by Mingjiang Li and Dongmin Lee, examines how China's remarkable economic growth and its proactive diplomatic efforts in recent years have not only shored up its importance in global issues, but also induced a transformation of the strategic dynamics in East Asia. Given that the rise of China is has been a prominent issue in politics and economics worldwide, this edited collection is essential for a wide audience of policy-makers, academics, and students alike.

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Rajesh Basrur (Collaborator), Robert Beckman (Collaborator), Richard A. Bitzinger (Collaborator), Teng-chi Chang (Collaborator), Yugang Chen (Collaborator), Chong Wook Chung (Collaborator), Roger Cliff (Collaborator), Yong Deng (Collaborator), Dennis V. Hickey (Collaborator), Zou Keyuan (Collaborator), Cheng-Chwee Kuik (Collaborator), Yoichiro Sato (Collaborator), Robert G. Sutter (Collaborator), Suisheng Zhao (Collaborator)
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July 16, 2011
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