The Groom-to-Be's Handbook

26 Loans, 1 years, One at a time

The Ultimate Guide to a Fabulous Ring, a Memorable Proposal, and the Perfect Wedding
A fun and informative guide for every guy ready to take the plunge
From figuring out whether she’ll say “yes” before you ask, to deciding what cut of diamond she’ll love, this guide speaks to every man embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures: marriage. Learn the four “Cs” of diamonds, the pros and cons of various settings, how much a ring should cost, essential diamond terminology, and gem alternatives. Written by guys for guys, there’s even a complete timeline and checklist for wedding planning—everything from sending save the dates to packing for your honeymoon. A few of the questions this book will help you answer:
Should I ask her father for his blessing before I propose?
Do I have to buy a diamond or will my girlfriend be happy with another stone?
How can I be sure I’m ready for this?
What if I can’t stand her parents?
When do we have to start planning the wedding?

Take inspiration from others who have proposed, laugh at their mistakes, and be grateful that (thanks to this book) you won’t make them yourself.

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April 07, 2015
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