A Good Catch!

A Good Catch!

by Edith Soonckindt (Author), Mathieu Couplet (Author)
55 Loans, One at a time

Age : 8-9 years old Reading Level : 3rd Grade

Discover Lola and Woofy's wonderful adventures!

Lola and Woofy are the best friends in the whole world. It is Sunday today and Lola, Woofy and Titou go fishing with Lola's dad.

Short stories for beginning readers.


It was a fine Sunday afternoon. Lola’s dad thought the weather was perfect to go fishing in the river. He asked Lola if she wanted to come along, and of course, Lola said yes. She loved to spend Sunday afternoons with her dad.


14 cute and short stories to which every kid can relate. Each adventure puts Lola, an ordinary little girl, and her pet dog in a realistic everyday situation. With short sentences and simple words, first readers can read and understand these books easily. A good way for beginners to put their reading to practice.

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December 16, 2014
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