Rosty the Bat

Rosty the Bat

by Veronica Podesta (Author), Monica Pierazzi Mitri (Author), Small but Useful (Author)
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Age : 6-7 years old Reading Level : 1st Grade

Discover Rosty the Bat's daily life!

After the tremendous success of the paper versions, the Small but Useful series is available in digital format! A unique series of 4 titles recounting the adventures of 4 little animals in their day-to-day life. Amazingly illustrated, not only are these stories really cute but they also reveal the usefulness of small animals in nature!

A perfect series to practice reading and learn more about small animals.


Rosty is a small, furry bat who lives upside down. He sleeps during the day and when everyone is resting he goes off, flying happily around town. But how does he manage to avoid bumping into things or getting entangled in tree branches or wires, when there is no light? His special eyes allow him to see when it’s dark. What’s more, his big, sharp ears let him know where he is heading.

In the Small but Useful series:

   • Buzzy The bee
   • Funny the Caterpillar
   • Lucky the Worm
   • Rosty the Bat

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December 16, 2014
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