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The ABZ of Pain and Pleasure

by A.M. Le Deluge Disruptive Publishing

A true grammar of the unusual, The ABZ of Pain and Pleasure offers an understanding of the language of sensuality. Beginning with Aida and culminating with Zanetti, the book offers the amateur and adept a broad...

My Life and Loves, v5

by Frank Harris Disruptive Publishing

Culled from an unfinished Frank Harris manuscript by Maurice Girodias (with help from Alexander Trocchi), this latest title in the series offers more of Harris' epic life and erotic adventures, with a measure...

My Life and Loves, v4

by Frank Harris Disruptive Publishing

Volume IV, and last of the versions that Harris had final say on. Begins with a piece on how Harris first came to write, goes at length into discussions with lesbians, and some orgies Frank had in San Remo....

My Life and Loves, v3

by Frank Harris Disruptive Publishing

 Volume III of the series, published in 1927, offers Harris and his account of time with the rich and powerful. Some of this story might even be true. There are still numerous women, and one or two bad marriages....

My Life and Loves, v2

by Frank Harris Disruptive Publishing

 Volume II of the series begins with Harris in Russia, and serves as prima facie evidence for anyone who believes Harris was the model for Harry Flashman. However this book, longest by far of the series, delves...

My Life and Loves, v1

by Frank Harris Disruptive Publishing

 Volume I of the betimes infamous series. First published in 1922 (and registered, oddly, three years later), Harris' four volumes were later repackaged by the Obelisk Press in Paris. Second-longest, this tale...

A Dream of Red Mansion, Complete and Unexpurgated

by Cao Xueqin Disruptive Publishing

The classic tale of the Ning and Rong families, Chinese aristocrats on the wrong side of the wheel of fate. Starring Baoyu, a character unique in literature, the young man who finds his own kind filthy, and...

The Romance of Three Kingdoms

by Luo Guanzhong Disruptive Publishing

Romance of Three Kingdoms, dating to the 14th Century, is the legendary epic of the fall of Han and the founding of Jin. Dealing with plots, complex men, wars, intrigues, marriages and assassinations, this book,...

The Outlaws of the Marsh

by Luo Guanzhong Disruptive Publishing

The legendary account of 108 "Stars from Heaven" who, faced with a corrupt bureaucracy, flee to Liangshan Marsh, from a fortress there  thwarting minions of the evil regime while continuing to serve the emperor....

Nunnery Tales

by Anon Anonymous Disruptive Publishing

First published in the Netherlands by 1890s booklegger August Brancart, Nunnery Tales is the story of a young woman who accompanies her mother to the Convent of St. Claire. Only she’s a he, his secret is found...

Sex Life of a Cop

by Oscar Peck Disruptive Publishing

Sex Life of a Cop is the rollicking, ribald story of one of the most likable cops, or rather two of the most likable cops, you'd ever hope to meet in any American town. Author Oscar Peck, ex-cop, gives us two...

The Gay Ones

by Eve Linkletter Disruptive Publishing

Were they pranks of nature? Or were they the third sex--the gay ones?

Beyond Smut and Evil

by Valerie Gray Disruptive Publishing

Valerie Gray's fans know there are three themes her fiction focuses on: lesbian BDSM, humility and exhibitionism, and the sexual adventures of young girls with their fathers and uncles. In this comprehensive...

History of Flagellation

by Anon Anonymous Disruptive Publishing

A period will, sooner or later, arrive, at which the disciplining and flagellating practices even now in use and which have been so for so many centuries, will have been laid aside, and succeeded by others equally...

All The Sad Young Men

by Anon Anonymous Disruptive Publishing

A Shockingly Honest Book!

The author of this book is a well-known TV and Hollywood actor, though not a star. Like so many homosexuals, he began life as an average, normal young man repulsed by the very word "homosexual."...

Pretty Thing

by Robert Turner Disruptive Publishing

 Priscilla Jo Gander, daughter of the term-limited 2-time Governor "Goodie" Gander, is sexually naive, with an education derived from Southern Baptist pamphlets. Her dad sees only the ideal muppet to succeed...

Desperate Women

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

Seven sinful, shameful stories of haunting, sensual and romantic desperation--one woman will do anything to keep winning in Las Vegas; another woman will do anything to keep her married lover while another woman...

Badge Bunnies

by Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow Disruptive Publishing


Badge bunnies…women who have a thing for cops…those shiny badges…those long hard nightsticks…those silver handcuffs of shame…the flashing lights that make young girls go dizzy...

66 Chapters About 33 Women

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

A sensual tour de force, 66 Chapters About 33 Women weaves a complicated web of erotic connections between 33 women and their lovers. Granting each woman two vignettes, Hemmingson examines their sexual peccadilloes,...

The Rooms

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

Danielle is the ultimate submissive, begging to participate in the nastiest, kinkiest acts for her master. When two of her college professors sexually enslave her, she opens her slutty soul to them, revealing...


by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

Drama tells the titillating story of bad karma and kinky sex among the thespians of the Alfred Jarry Theater. Jonathan, a playwright associated with the theater, lives with his director and lover, Kristine....

The Dress

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

She may not want it, but I have to see her in it. I looked at it a long time, preparing myself for worship. Close fitting at the neck; simple short sleeves. Nothing fancy. Just brazen and so very short. I got...

The Comfort of Women

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

After being celibate for five years, Nicky Bayless very quickly makes up for lost time after landing a fluke fellowship from the local university. Nicky is aided -- and comforted -- in his education by a parade...

The Amateurs

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

Beryl and Stephen investigate the limits of fidelity and save their lackluster marriage through hot tub orgies, extramarital partners, and amateur pornography. The porn tapes start as a private hobby but soon...

The Lawyer

by Michael Hemmingson Disruptive Publishing

In this erotic legal thriller, Michael Hemmingson explores sexual perversity within the judicial system. Kelly O'Rourke, an editorial assistant at a large publishing house, has filed a lawsuit against the conglomerate's...

The Daughter of Fanny Hill

by Anon Anonymous Disruptive Publishing

For more than 200 years, the world has loved Fanny Hill, the beautiful, bawdy courtesan whose amorous adventures in the half-world of 18th-century London have shocked and delighted tens of millions of readers....

Deva Dasi

by Ataullah Mardaan Disruptive Publishing

One of Ataullah Mardaan's works for the Olympia Press, Deva Dasi is the tale of a woman who turns to prostitution as a means of creating a better life for her children.  It's quite possible the reader will...

A Man with a Maid

by Anon Anonymous Disruptive Publishing

 This anonymous classic was published by Olympia during one of the firm's later incarnations.  Takes a special woman to play along like this.

Professional Charmer

by Robert Desmond Disruptive Publishing

Robert Desmond was among the most prolific authors for Girodias' Travellers Companion series, writing eight books in all, the last in 1962.  Little is known about him today, biographies we have about Girodias...

The Whipping Post

by Angela Pearson Disruptive Publishing

The lost sequel to The Whipping Club! Subject of a two-year search by your publisher.  

The Whipping Club

by Angela Pearson Disruptive Publishing

An Account of some of the Activities of a Number of Lovely Women who have Men in their Power.

The very first title by M. Pearson. A multi-part narrative, it describes various members of the club, including a...

Whips, Incorporated

by Angela Pearson Disruptive Publishing

To the uninitiated reader it must be admitted at once that the ecstasy of the whip is experienced mainly by the one who uses it... It is not by any means uncommon, however, for the victim to rise above his agony,...


by Greta X Disruptive Publishing

Another in the Angela Pearson/Greta X series, first published in 1962 as part of the Othello Books line. Whipsdom shows the author on top of her game, in its account of young Joan, sent off by her parents to...

Scream, My Darling, Scream!

by Angela Pearson Disruptive Publishing

The lost volume from the Danish Olympia Press! Six stories by the diva of domination, sweetly and innocently chronicling men's primal urge to get whipped, and the women who do it for them... out of love.  


by Carmencita De Las Lunas Disruptive Publishing

Thongs, by "Carmenicita de Las Lunas" (Trocchi), is among the author's most vibrant and respected works.  The book gives us Gertrude Gault, the Grand Painmistress, and follows her career from the ghettos of...

White Thighs

by Francis Lengel Disruptive Publishing

White Thighs by Frances Lengel (Trocchi) is the tale of Saul, a dominant European who travels to the New World, enjoys a series of games with his deliciously cruel house cook Kirstin, and finally, against the...

Desire and Helen

by Francis Lengel Disruptive Publishing

Trocchi's first novel, and considered by many his most succesful bit of erotica (though there were so many good ones by this author), is the tale of Helen, a girl born to a rural village in Northwest Australia...


by Marcus van Heller Disruptive Publishing

The oft-imitated but never duplicated Marcus Van Heller (John Stevenson), is back with this fast-paced account of rebellion, Algeria, the National Liberation Front and quite a bit of sex, some of it forced,...

Pauline, the Prima Donna

by Anon Anonymous Disruptive Publishing

Another classic bit of erotica, published by Olympia in the firm's later incarnations. Pauline is a woman who regales her "dear friend" in a letter replete with erotic adventures among both men and women.

The Woman Thing

by Harriet Daimler Disruptive Publishing

One of author Daimler's more unusual works, involving debates about philosophy, madness, religion, and the screaming tender demon inside.  Martha and Macdonald sit in Paris, debate and chat, and need, and desire,...

Roman Orgy

by Marcus van Heller Disruptive Publishing

Author van Heller is a legend among writers of erotic fiction, so good that his name and craft were often imitated, but never duplicated. Considered by many to be his finest work, Roman Orgy is a retelling of...

Sicily Enough

by Claire Rabe Disruptive Publishing

Serialized in the short-lived Olympia Magazine. On a self-imposed exile in a Sicilian village, a gal with three kids forces her own rebirth in this Mediterranean take on Lawrence's Plumed Serpent.

Sonia by Night

by Peter Berg Disruptive Publishing

A Scorching Battle of the Senses!

Francois was little more than a child when he fell under the erotic spell of Sonia--a strange, irresistible combination of exotic female allure and male aggression. She willingly...


by Harriet Daimler Disruptive Publishing

Considered the best work by author Harriet Daimler (Iris Owens), Darling is an oddly titled but  very explicit rape fantasy.  How explicit: after accepting Owens, and offering her the $2 a day he gave to all...

The 7 Erotic Minutes

by Rod Waleman Disruptive Publishing

 "... An underground classic, an erotic novel about a woman whose entire (and active) sex life passes before her memory (and the reader) during the seven minutes of a sexual act."

Publisher's Weekly

Seven Erotic...


by Marquis de Sade Disruptive Publishing

Fascinating work by the Marquis, who wrote the first draft while whiling away his days in the Bastille. Abandoned to fate with her sister Juliette, Justine attempts to do all the right things in life. She takes...

My Sister and I

by Freidrich Nietzche Disruptive Publishing

A peculiar forgery that, while not succeeding as either philosophy or erotica, at least gives us insights into what some people thought the great man might have been up to in his sanitarium days.

The Stepdaughters

by Rod Waleman Disruptive Publishing

 Mr. Waleman's deft characterizations of the three passionate females, and of the smoothly functioning Mark, places his book far above the ordinary novel. His characters speak and move with authenticity and...

The Alphabet of Pain

by J.E. Cairns Disruptive Publishing

26 Stories of Flagellation and Discipline--Now in one Volume! Collection of samples from a great many classics of erotic literature. Some you'll know quite well and be easily able to find here. Others are new...

A Daughter of the Samurai

by Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto Disruptive Publishing

 Born into a high-ranking samurai family at the onset of the Meiji period, Etsu Sugimoto's own life mirrored the radical shifts her country faced.  Originally destined to be a priestess, she instead became...