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The Tomorrow Heist

by Jack Soren Witness Impulse (November 03, 2015)

Readers looking for twisting, fast-paced suspense will be swept away by Jack Soren’s newest tale of thrilling international adventure...

Jonathan Hall and Lew Katchbrow intended to leave life as international...

Killing for Keeps

by Mari Hannah Witness Impulse (June 02, 2015)

They know he's coming.

Two brothers from the same criminal family die within hours of each other, five miles apart—one on the edge of a Newcastle industrial estate, the other in the busy emergency room of a...

The Maharani's Pearls

by Charles Todd Witness Impulse (July 01, 2014)

Living with her family in India, young Bess Crawford's curiosity about this exotic country sometimes leads her into trouble.

One day she slips away from the cantonment to visit the famous seer in a nearby village....

The Monarch

by Jack Soren Witness Impulse (December 02, 2014)

Fans of thrilling adventures and international suspense will love Jack Soren’s whirlwind debut novel—a tale of two thieves detoured on the road to redemption.

Imitation is the deadliest form of flattery …...

The Green Muse

by Jessie Prichard Hunter Witness Impulse (February 03, 2015)

In Belle Époque Paris, the morgue is the place to see and be seen …

"This morning I was called upon to photograph the dead again." So begins the story of Edouard Mas, a photographer's assistant with a detective's...

Not a Chance in Helen

River Road #3

by Susan Mcbride Witness Impulse (September 30, 2014)

In the third River Road Mystery from USA Today bestselling author Susan McBride, Helen Evans knows her friend is not guilty of murder … she just has to prove it!

When 80-year-old Eleanora Duncan is found dead...

Mad as Helen

River Road #2

by Susan Mcbride Witness Impulse (July 29, 2014)

In the second River Road Mystery from USA Today bestselling author Susan McBride, Helen Evans must find a killer before her granddaughter is arrested for murder!

When tiny River Bend, Illinois, is hit by a string...

To Helen Back

River Road #1

by Susan Mcbride Witness Impulse (May 27, 2014)

In this fun and sassy new mystery, USA Today bestselling author Susan McBride introduces us to Helen Evans, a modern-day Miss Marple who must expose a murderer in a town full of suspects!

When Milton Grone turns...

Killer WASPs

by Amy Korman Witness Impulse (September 16, 2014)

Crime really stings in Killer WASPs

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is a haven for East Coast WASPs, where tennis tournaments and cocktails at the club are revered traditions. Little happens in the sleepy suburb, and...

Lying Dead

DI Marjory Fleming #3

by Aline Templeton Witness Impulse (February 11, 2014)

This moody and arresting thriller is perfect for fans of Tana French.

On a beautiful, eerily quiet May morning, a girl is found brutally bludgeoned to death. When Detective Marjory Fleming arrives, the silence...

Daddy's Girl

Clare Hart #3

by Margie Orford Witness Impulse (June 10, 2014)

How far would you go?

A little girl waits alone to be picked up after ballet class—until an unmarked car approaches, and she is gone.

But this little girl is the daughter of Police Captain Riedwaan Faizal. He...

Gallows Hill

Clare Hart #4

by Margie Orford Witness Impulse (July 08, 2014)

How far would you go?

Dr. Clare Hart is summoned to investigate a building site where hundreds of centuries-old skeletons have been found—beneath Gallows Hill, where Cape Town's notorious execution grounds...

Blood Rose

Clare Hart #2

by Margie Orford Witness Impulse (May 13, 2014)

Walvis Bay is a depressed and isolated port on the edge of the Namib Desert. Corrupt and claustrophobic, its shifting population consists of transients and vagabonds—people with no future and no past. When...

Like Clockwork

Clare Hart #1

by Margie Orford Witness Impulse (April 22, 2014)

When a beautiful young woman is found murdered on Cape Town's Sea Point promenade, journalist and part-time police profiler Dr. Clare Hart is drawn into the web of a brutal serial killer. As more bodies are...

Gold Digger

Diana Porteous #1

by Frances Fyfield Witness Impulse (July 15, 2014)

A relentlessly twisty thriller of greed, mystery, and betrayal, in which a young widow must outwit her husband’s dangerous family, from bestselling British novelist Frances Fyfield.

In a rambling old mansion...

Half Light

by Frances Fyfield Witness Impulse (April 01, 2014)

Elisabeth is a picture restorer. This gives her the solitude and independence she needs—living and working alone in her flat. Despite her skills and reliability, Elisabeth undercharges for her work—valuing...

Lamb to the Slaughter

DI Marjory Fleming #4

by Aline Templeton Witness Impulse (March 18, 2014)

A sunny evening, a tranquil garden—and an old man brutally gunned down on his doorstep.

In a pretty and tranquil town, a proposed superstore development has divided the population in an increasingly bitter...

The Darkness and the Deep

DI Marjory Fleming #2

by Aline Templeton Witness Impulse (January 07, 2014)

A chilling and suspenseful tale, perfect for fans of Susan Hill and Elizabeth George.

A lifeboat crashes on the shore of a small fishing village, leaving all three of its passengers dead. A tragic accident—perhaps—but...


by Frances Fyfield Witness Impulse (January 07, 2014)

Fans of Laura Lippman and A. S. A. Harrison will love this haunting psychological thriller.

For twenty years, Henry Evans has been haunted by the memory of Francesca, the one that got away. When he travels to...


by Emlyn Rees Witness Impulse (June 17, 2014)

Danny Shanklin is the world's most wanted man.

Hunted by nine international intelligence agencies for a terrorist atrocity he did not commit, he's now trapped in a deadly race against the clock to protect his...

The Man in the Snow

by Rory Clements Witness Impulse (December 10, 2013)

A riveting novella set in Elizabethan England—perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and The Tudors.

Just a few days before Christmas, a reluctant John Shakespeare—brother of a rising playwright—answers a plea...

Cold in the Earth

DI Marjory Fleming #1

by Aline Templeton Witness Impulse (October 29, 2013)

A quiet farming town where all they reap is death …

A corpse, a missing girl, and a mysterious family's dangerous obsession with bull running provide a sinister backdrop to Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming's...

Darkness First

by James Hayman Witness Impulse (October 01, 2013)

The mutilated body of a young woman. The town doctor lying comatose in the road. A hundred and fifty tablets of Canadian OxyContin. This is the havoc that a merciless killer has wreaked on a sleepy Maine seaport....

The Nature of the Beast

by Frances Fyfield Witness Impulse (December 17, 2013)

What kind of life would drive you to fake your own death?

Beautiful blonde Amy Petty is involved in a horrific train crash. The authorities assume she perished in the resulting fire, but there is no body. If...


by Emlyn Rees Witness Impulse (October 01, 2013)

One man. One day. One way out.

When Danny Shanklin woke up in a strange hotel, he never expected today would be spent running for his life. But the high-powered rifle strapped to his hands and the unknown dead...

Dead in the Dark

by Stephen Booth Witness Impulse (September 25, 2018)

How do you prove a murder without a body?

Ten years ago, Reece Bower was accused of killing his wife, a crime he always denied. Extensive police searches near his home in Bakewell found no trace of Annette Bower's...

The Silent Games

by Alex Gray Witness Impulse (March 13, 2018)

They stole her voice. Now they want her dead . . .

2014: The Commonwealth Games are coming to Glasgow and security is extra tight, particularly after a mysterious bomb explodes in a nearby rural area. As the...

Secrets of Death

by Stephen Booth Witness Impulse (April 04, 2017)

For fans of Broadchurch, Louise Penny, and Peter Robinson comes a spellbinding new novel from internationally bestselling author Stephen Booth

Residents of the Peak District are used to tourists descending on...

The Last Gig

by Norman Green Witness Impulse (May 23, 2017)

Norman Green, critically acclaimed author of four crime novels, debuts a fresh, edgy character in the streetwise Alessandra Martillo, a female take on the P.I.s of yesteryear. Tough as nails and sometimes heartless,...

The Buried Girl

by Richard Montanari Witness Impulse (February 26, 2019)

Master of terrifying crime novels Richard Montanari, author of The Rosary Girls, returns with a standalone small-town thriller to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.

One Red Bastard

Detective Robert Chow #3

by Ed Lin Witness Impulse (November 21, 2017)

In this thrilling sequel to the highly acclaimed Snakes Can’t Run, detective Robert Chow must wrestle with his own morality to solve a murder, set against the backdrop of gritty Chinatown following the Vietnam...

Snakes Can't Run

Detective Robert Chow #2

by Ed Lin Witness Impulse (September 26, 2017)

This epic of Chinatown Noir is the riveting sequel to This Is a Bust

Set in New York City in 1976, Snakes Can’t Run finds NYPD detective Robert Chow still haunted by the horrors of his past and relegated to...

This Is a Bust

Detective Robert Chow #1

by Ed Lin Witness Impulse (July 25, 2017)

Set in New York’s Chinatown in 1976, this sharp and gritty novel is a mystery set against the backdrop of a city in turmoil

Robert Chow is a Vietnam vet and an alcoholic. He’s also the only Chinese American...

Faint Trace

by M. P. Cooley Witness Impulse (April 07, 2015)

In her former life as an FBI agent in Oakland, California, June Lyons didn't flinch at tough assignments investigating gangs. But this hot and weary summer, she finds herself on the sidelines of the action,...