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The Voyageur Canadian History 2-Book Bundle: The Refugee / The Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser, 1806-1808

by Benjamin Drew, W. Kaye Lamb & George E. Clarke Dundurn (March 14, 2014)

This special bundle contains two classic works that provide great insight into crucial, nation-defining events in Canadian history: the exploration of the west in the early nineteenth century, and the arrival...

The Voyageur Canadian Biographies 5-Book Bundle: The Firebrand / Mrs. Simcoe's Diary / The Scalpel, the Sword / The Men of the Last Frontier / Pilgrim

by William Kilbourn, Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, Mary Quayle Innis & Sydney Gordon et al. Dundurn (March 14, 2014)

Five books in the Voyageur Classics series celebrate the best in Canadian biographical letters, with two titles from the great Grey Owl, as well as books by or about Elizabeth Simcoe, Dr. Norman Bethune, and...

The Scalpel, the Sword: The Story of Doctor Norman Bethune

by Sydney Gordon, Ted Allan, Susan Ostrovsky & Norman Bethune Allan et al. Dundurn (May 11, 2009)

The Scalpel, the Sword celebrates the turbulent career of Dr. Norman Bethune (18901939), a brilliant surgeon, campaigner for socialized medicine, and communist.

Combat Journal for Place D'Armes: A Personal Narrative

by Scott Symons & Christopher Elson Dundurn (March 01, 2010)

Both a study of the emergence of a character's true self through his homosexual experiences and the decay of Canadian, and especially French-Canadian, traditions, Place d'Armes was named one of the top 100 most...

Self Condemned

by Wyndham Lewis & Allan Pero Dundurn (August 02, 2010)

Self Condemned tells the story of Professor René Harding and his wife, Essie, as they find themselves in Momaco, a fictionalized version of Toronto. The novel, a devastating satire of life in wartime Canada,...

The Donnellys

by James Reaney & Alan Filewod Dundurn (May 12, 2008)

Based on a true story, these three plays explore the saga of a secret society and massacre that stunned the Canadian public in 1880.

Canadian Exploration Literature: An Anthology

by Germaine Warkentin Dundurn (January 01, 2007)

This anthology is an entry point into the beginnings of a literate response to the awe and wonder inspired by an unfolding geography.

Selected Writings

by A.J.M. Smith & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (September 23, 2006)

Based on Smiths last book of poetry, this edition includes original material in which Smith defined and advanced modernism in Canadian writing.

Empire and Communications

by Harold A. Innis & Alexander John Watson Dundurn (January 01, 2007)

Empire and Communications is one of Inniss most important contributions to the debate about how media influences the development of consciousness and societies.

In This Poem I Am: Selected Poetry of Robin Skelton

by Robin Skelton & Harold Rhenisch Dundurn (October 30, 2007)

Editor Harold Rhenisch brings together a collection that captures the grand style and thematic strength of poet Robin Skelton.

Maria Chapdelaine: A Tale of French Canada

by Louis Hémon, W.H. Blake & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (April 30, 2007)

A young woman living with her family on the frontier in Quebec, Maria endures the hardships of isolation and climate and must choose between three suitors.

Flying a Red Kite

by Hugh Hood & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (July 01, 2017)

  • 55th anniversary edition of great Canadian writer Hugh Hood’s first short story collection
  • Hood was celebrated at the 2015 IFOA with a reading by the Montreal Story Tellers group he helped found
  • Hood’s writings...

God's Sparrows

by Philip Child, James R. Calhoun & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (March 04, 2017)

  • Author is a recognized standard-bearer for an era in Canadian literature when traditional forms and subjects were being challenged by radical social and cultural change
  • A classic novel by the Governor General’s...

The Refugee: Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada

by Benjamin Drew & George E. Clarke Dundurn (June 30, 2008)

The only collection of first-hand interviews of fugitive slaves in Canada ever produced, this is an invaluable record of the early black Canadian experience.

Storm Below

by Hugh Garner & Paul Stuewe Dundurn (January 18, 2010)

Published in 1949, Storm Below tells the story of a fictional Royal Canadian Navy ship HMCS Riverford, which is a composite of the vessels Hugh Garner served on during his time in the Canadian navy. The adventure...

The Yellow Briar: A Story of the Irish on the Canadian Countryside

by Patrick Slater & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (July 06, 2009)

The charming remembrance of an Irish orphan who escapes the Great Famine of 1840's Ireland and comes to the New World to seek a fresh start in the pioneer hinterland of Canada West (Ontario).

Pilgrims of the Wild

by Grey Owl, Hugh Eayrs & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (July 26, 2010)

Powerful in its simplicity, Pilgrims of the Wild tells the story of Grey Owls life of happy cohabitation with the wild creatures of nature and the healing powers of what he referred to as the great Northland...

The Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser, 1806-1808

by W. Kaye Lamb & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (May 30, 2007)

Librarian W. Kaye Lamb provides an illuminating introduction and annotations to the journals of Simon Fraser, "founder of British Columbia."

Mrs. Simcoe's Diary

by Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe & Mary Quayle Innis Dundurn (December 10, 2007)

Elizabeth Simcoes diary, describing Canada from 1791 to 1796, is history written as it was being made an account instilled with excitement and delight.

All Else Is Folly: A Tale of War and Passion

by Peregrine Acland, Ford Madox Ford, James R. Calhoun & Brian Busby Dundurn (June 21, 2014)

All Else Is Folly is a living memory of the Canadian experience in the First World War. Praised by Sir Robert Borden, this novel both commemorates and mourns the Canadian soldiers who fought for peace in a...

The Town Below

by Roger Lemelin & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (March 30, 2013)

A bestseller in Quebec when it originally appeared, The Town Below has been called the "pioneer novel of working-class Quebec" and exploded, with great controversy, the smothering social and religious strictures...

Ringing the Changes: An Autobiography

by Mazo de la Roche, Michael Gnarowski & Heather Kirk Dundurn (November 07, 2015)

A rare insight into the intimate thoughts of Mazo de la Roche, and the private life she normally kept hidden. The author confesses how strongly she connected with her character Finch Whiteoak, her struggles...

The Regiment

by Farley Mowat & Lee Windsor Dundurn (July 30, 2016)

The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment (the Hasty Ps) was Canada's most decorated regiment in the Second World War. In The Regiment, Farley Mowat, famed novelist and member of the regiment, movingly recounts...

The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada

by William Kilbourn & Ronald Stagg Dundurn (June 30, 2008)

Kilbourn vividly brings to life the rebel Canadian hero William Lyon Mackenzie: able political editor, first mayor of Toronto, and the gadfly of the House of Assembly.

The Voyageur Classic Canadian Fiction 7-Book Bundle: All Else Is Folly / Pauline Johnson / The Town Below / Self Condemned / Storm Below / The Yellow

by Pauline Johnson, Wyndham Lewis, Louis Hémon & Patrick Slater et al. Dundurn (June 13, 2014)

This special seven-book bundle contains some of the greatest classics of Canadian fiction, including works by Hugh Garner, Pauline Johnson, and Wyndham Lewis, as well as two translated masterpieces of Quebec...

In Flanders Fields and Other Poems

by John McCrae, Michael Gnarowski & Sir Andrew Macphail Dundurn (March 28, 2015)

John McCrae, a doctor and poet who served in Europe during the First World War, composed "In Flanders Fields", one of the most enduring literary expressions of the horrors of war. On the occasion of the 100th...

Pauline Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose

by Pauline Johnson & Michael Gnarowski Dundurn (June 29, 2013)

Canada's first Native writer, Pauline Johnson, exemplified the duality of culture in early Canada through her half-Mohawk, half-English heritage. Her unique poetry and presention style remain a legend in Canadian...