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Luther's Outlaw God

by Steven D. Paulson Fortress Press (September 01, 2018)

In this first of three volumes addressing Luther's outlaw God, Steven D. Paulson considers the two "monsters" of theology, as Luther calls them: evil and predestination. He explores how these produce fear of...

The Wittenberg Concord

by Gordon A. Jensen Fortress Press (August 01, 2018)

Rethinking the Wittenberg Concord for Today

One of the mostly forgotten gems of the sixteenth century Reformations is the Wittenberg Concord. Signed in 1536 by representatives of evangelical southern German imperial...

The Life, Works, and Witness of Tsehay Tolessa and Gudina Tumsa, the Ethiopian Bonhoeffer

by Samuel Yonas Deressa & Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

This book opens a window into the lives and extraordinary witness of a Christian couple whose faithful life of service has earned the moniker of Ethopia’s Bonhoeffer.

In Part One, the reader encounters the...

Preaching from Home

by Gracia Grindal Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

This volume by Gracia Grindal introduces English-speaking readers to several significant yet unsung Lutheran women hymn writers from the sixteenth century to the present. After a brief introductory discussion...

The Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology

by Mark C. Mattes Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

In this significant book Mark C. Mattes critically evaluates the role of justification in the theologies of five leading Protestant thinkers -- Eberhard Jungel, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Jurgen Moltmann, Robert W....

The Pastoral Luther

by Timothy J. Wengert Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

Sixteen church historians here examine Martin Luther in an uncommon way -- not as Reformer or theologian but as pastor. Luther's work as parish pastor commanded much of his time and energy in Wittenberg.


The Early Luther

by Berndt Hamm Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

The development of Martin Luther's thought has commanded much scholarly attention because of the Reformation and its remarkable effects on the history of Christianity in the West. But much of that scholarship...

The Preached God

by Gerhard O. Forde, Mark C. Mattes & Steven D. Paulson Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

The Preached God speaks directly to preachers, calling them to deliver the truths of forgiveness, life, and salvation through both word and sacrament to all who listen.

The Captivation of the Will

by Gerhard O. Forde & Steven D. Paulson Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

The Captivation of the Will provocatively revisits a perennial topic of controversy: human free will. Highly esteemed Lutheran thinker Gerhard O. Forde cuts to the heart of the subject by reexamining the famous...

Luther's Liturgical Music

by Robin A. Leaver Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

Martin Luther's relationship to music has been largely downplayed, yet music played a vital role in Luther's life -- and he in turn had a deep and lasting effect on Christian hymnody. In Luther's Liturgical...

Living By Faith

by Oswald Bayer Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

"Living by faith" is much more than a general Christian precept; it is the fundamental posture of believers in a world rife with suffering and injustice. In this penetrating reflection on the meaning of "justification,"...

Harvesting Martin Luther's Reflections on Theology, Ethics, and the Church

by Timothy J. Wengert Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

As profound as Martin Luther's ideas are, this giant of church history was concerned above all with practical instruction for daily Christian living. Harvesting Martin Luther's Reflections highlights this concern...

Bound Choice, Election, and Wittenberg Theological Method

by Robert Kolb Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

Galvanized by Erasmus' teaching on free will, Martin Luther wrote "De servo arbitrio", or "The Bondage of the Will", insisting that the sinful human will could not turn itself to God. In this first study to...

A Time for Confessing

by Robert W. Bertram & Michael Hoy Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

This book is about faithful witnesses -- from the Reformation to South African apartheid to Bonhoeffer -- to the promise of Jesus Christ. Even in the midst of trials, these faithful followers have testified...

A More Radical Gospel

by Gerhard O. Forde, Mark C. Mattes & Steven D. Paulson Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

Gerhard O. Forde has stood at the forefront of Lutheran thought for most of his career. This new collection of essays and sermons—many previously unpublished— makes Forde's powerful theological vision more...

A Formula for Parish Practice

by Timothy J. Wengert Fortress Press (January 01, 2017)

This book combines a rich description of the (Lutheran) Formula of Concord (1577) with experiences in today's Lutheran parishes to demonstrate how confessional texts may still come to life in modern Christian...