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Examining Education, Media, and Dialogue under Occupation: The Case of Palestine and Israel

by Dr. Ilham Nasser, Lawrence N. Berlin & Dr. Shelley Wong Multilingual Matters (August 24, 2011)

This book is an in-depth examination of education and media under occupation. The contributors to this volume engage dialogue to explore these domains and their roles and functioning under occupation while keeping...

Ethnography, Superdiversity and Linguistic Landscapes: Chronicles of Complexity

by Dr. Jan Blommaert Multilingual Matters (August 09, 2013)

Superdiversity has rendered familiar places, groups and practices extraordinarily complex, and the traditional tools of analysis need rethinking. In this book, Jan Blommaert investigates his own neighbourhood...

English and Development: Policy, Pedagogy and Globalization

by Elizabeth J. Erling & Philip Seargeant Multilingual Matters (May 16, 2013)

This book investigates the relationship between English and personal and national development, as this is both discursively promoted (particularly through language policy) and practically realized in developing...

Language and HIV/AIDS

by Christina Higgins & Prof. Bonny Norton Multilingual Matters (December 04, 2009)

This volume focuses on the role of language in the construction of knowledge about HIV/AIDS in diverse regions of the world. The collection of studies yields helpful insights about the discursive construction...

Language Learning, Gender and Desire: Japanese Women on the Move

by Dr. Kimie Takahashi Multilingual Matters (January 22, 2013)

For many Japanese women, the English language has never been just another school subject. For them, English is the tool of identity transformation and the means of obtaining what they passionately desire - mobility,...

Talk, Text and Technology: Literacy and Social Practice in a Remote Indigenous Community

by Inge Kral Multilingual Matters (July 26, 2012)

Talk, Text and Technology is an ethnographic exploration of language, learning and literacy in remote Indigenous Australia. This unique work traces the historical transformation of one Indigenous group across...

Language and Mobility: Unexpected Places

by Prof. Alastair Pennycook Multilingual Matters (June 22, 2012)

This book looks at language in unexpected places. Drawing on a diversity of materials and contexts, including farewell addresses to British workers in colonial India, letters written from parents to their children...

Scripts of Servitude

by Beatriz P. Lorente Multilingual Matters (October 19, 2017)

This book examines how language is a central resource in transforming migrant women into transnational domestic workers. Focusing on the migration of women from the Philippines to Singapore, the book unpacks...

Language, Education and Neoliberalism

by Alfonso Del Percio & Mi-Cha Flubacher Multilingual Matters (September 25, 2017)

This edited volume presents an empirical account of how neoliberal ideas are adopted on the ground by different actors in different educational settings, from bilingual education in the US, to migrant work...

Race and Ethnicity in English Language Teaching

by Christopher Joseph Jenks Multilingual Matters (August 14, 2017)

This book examines racism and racialized discourses in the ELT profession in South Korea. The book is informed by a number of different critical approaches to race and discourse, and the discussions contained...

Collaborative Research in Multilingual Classrooms

by Corey Denos, Dr. Kelleen Toohey, Kathy Neilson & Bonnie Waterstone Multilingual Matters (February 05, 2009)

Reporting on the research collaborations of a group of teachers, graduate students and a university professor, this book weaves together their collective insights about how classrooms might be better for students...

English as a Local Language

by Christina Higgins Multilingual Matters (July 08, 2009)

When analyzed in multilingual contexts, English is often treated as an entity that is separable from its linguistic environment. It is often the case, however, that multilinguals use English in hybrid and transcultural...

The Idea of English in Japan

by Philip Seargeant Multilingual Matters (August 04, 2009)

This book examines the ways in which English is conceptualised as a global language in Japan, and considers how the resultant language ideologies – drawn in part from universal discourses; in part from context-specific...

Style, Identity and Literacy

by Christopher Stroud & Dr. Lionel Wee Multilingual Matters (November 28, 2011)

Style, Identity and Literacy: English in Singapore is a qualitative study of the literacy practices of a group of Singaporean adolescents, relating their patterns of interaction – both inside and outside the...

The Struggle for Legitimacy

by Andrea Sterzuk Multilingual Matters (November 11, 2011)

This book examines the experiences of Indigenous students in settler schools by using the example of a Canadian school as a window into the relationship between colonial discourses, indigenized English language...

ELT, Gender and International Development

by Roslyn Appleby Multilingual Matters (August 03, 2010)

For believers in the power of English, language as aid can deliver the promise of a brighter future; but in a neocolonial world of international development, a gulf exists between belief and reality. Rich with...

Contending with Globalization in World Englishes

by Dr. Mukul Saxena & Dr. Tope Omoniyi Multilingual Matters (May 28, 2010)

This book engages with English in globalization, re-examining and re-interpreting the contemporary contexts of its acquisition and use. The chapters contained in this book weave together four inter-related themes...

Decolonizing Literacy

by Gregorio Hernandez-Zamora Multilingual Matters (April 20, 2010)

Millions of descendants of the former colonized and enslaved peoples around the world are now classified as poor readers, bad writers, and slow learners. Are they illiterate or silenced people? Are they global...

China and English

by Prof. Joseph Lo Bianco, Jane Orton & Prof. Gao Yihong Multilingual Matters (November 26, 2009)

It has been said there are more Chinese learning English than there are Americans. We all have a sense that the first decades of the third millennium, including the effects of the global financial recession,...

Gendered Identities and Immigrant Language Learning

by Assist. Prof. Julia Menard-Warwick Multilingual Matters (October 29, 2009)

Based on participant observation in a California English as a Second Language family literacy program, this ethnographic study examines how the complexly gendered life histories of immigrant adults shaped their...

English Teaching and Evangelical Mission

by Dr. Bill Johnston Multilingual Matters (January 25, 2017)

Debates about the place of mission work in English Language Teaching continue to rage, and yet full-length studies of what really happens at the intersection of ELT and evangelical Christianity are rare. In...

Hybrid Identities and Adolescent Girls

by Laurel D. Kamada Multilingual Matters (December 23, 2009)

This is the first in-depth examination of “half-Japanese” girls in Japan focusing on ethnic, gendered and embodied ‘hybrid’ identities. Challenging the myth of Japan as a single-race society, these girls...

Local Languaging, Literacy and Multilingualism in a West African Society

by Kasper Juffermans Multilingual Matters (September 10, 2015)

This book aims to enhance and challenge our understanding of language and literacy as social practice against the background of heightened globalisation. Juffermans presents an ethnographic study of the linguistic...

Power and Meaning Making in an EAP Classroom: Engaging with the Everyday

by Christian W. Chun Multilingual Matters (January 13, 2015)

This book examines how critical literacy pedagogy has been implemented in a classroom through a year-long collaboration between the author (a researcher) and an EAP teacher. It details the teacher's introduction...