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Japanese Jiu-jitsu: Secret Techniques of Self-Defense

by Darrell Max Craig Tuttle Publishing (February 17, 2015)

With extensive, step-by-step photographs and instructions, this jiu-jitsu guide is an effective tool for mastering this ancient martial art.

The original Japanese martial art developed by the elite samurai class...

Mastering the Samurai Sword: A Full-Color, Step-by-Step Guide [Downloadable Material Included]

by Cary Nemeroff Tuttle Publishing (September 02, 2014)

Memorialized in countless books and movies, the history of Japan's fearsome samurai warriors is known all over the world. Who can forget these Japanese masters' skills with the sword? Today, samurai warriors...

She's a Knockout!: A History of Women in Fighting Sports

by L. A. Jennings Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (October 23, 2014)

This book provides a detailed history of women fighters—including wrestlers, MMA competitors, and boxers—and the different issues revolving around the fighters and their sports. She’s a Knockout! tells...

Krav Maga: Real World Solutions to Real World Violence

by Gershon Ben Keren Tuttle Publishing (December 23, 2014)

Krav Maga: Real World Solutions to Real World Violence presents a no-nonsense approach to neutralizing attackers in close quarters.

Author Gershon Ben Keren explains the philosophy behind the Krav Maga method,...

The Tactical Knife

by James Morgan Ayres & Mykel Hawke Skyhorse (July 08, 2014)

Tactical knives are the fast-growing field of American bladesmithing. Now, in one groundbreaking volume, tactical knife expert James Morgan Ayres shares more than four decades of real-world experience with purpose-designed...

Okinawan Karate: Teachers, Styles and Secret Techniques

by Mark Bishop Tuttle Publishing (October 15, 1999)

From their roots in China, the historical development of each karate and kobudo system—Okinawa's greatest cultural export—is presented here via the teachers who formulated them into the many fragmented styles...

Krav Maga

by Boaz Aviram Skyhorse (July 15, 2014)

  • The complete beginner's guide to Krav Maga 
  • An instructional book for athletes interested in this type of self-defense
  • Updated edition that contains the basic rules and new tips to improve your form and prevent...

The Illustrated Ninja Handbook: Hidden Techniques of Ninjutsu

by Remigiusz Borda & Marian Winiecki Tuttle Publishing (March 18, 2014)

Learn to master ninjutsu techniques and the Budo warrior ethos with this informative and entertaining martial arts guide.

Welcome to the secret world of the ninja master! The Illustrated Ninja Handbook is your...

Tae Kwon Do

by Yeon Hee Park, Yeon Hwan Park & Jon Gerrard Skyhorse (January 02, 2014)

Tae Kwon Do is more than just a fighting style: it combines self-defense, exercise, meditation, philosophy, and self-awareness to improve oneself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Over 400 million students...

Eternal Spring: Taijiquan, Qi Gong, and the Cultivation of Health, Happiness and Longevity

by Michael Acton Singing Dragon (March 15, 2009)

This book, written for a Western audience, explains the essential theories and strategies of Taijiquan and Qi Gong in an insightful way. It expounds their value in our daily lives as an effective means of combating...

Parkour and the Art du déplacement

by Vincent Thibault & Casey Roberts Baraka Books (October 08, 2013)

Parkour, the art of displacement, or freerunning—whatever the name, this new discipline born in the Paris suburbs is rapidly being adopted by people throughout the world. Not satisfied to suffer through urban...

The Ninja Mind: Harnessing the Mental Strength and Physical Abilities of the Ninjutsu Masters

by Kevin Keitoshi Casey & Stephen K. Hayes Tuttle Publishing (August 28, 2012)

Enter the mind of one of ninjutsu's greatest teachers and start your journey towards martial arts mastery!

Masters in the Japanese martial art of Ninjutsu are legendary for their ability to access seemingly endless...

Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

by Yeon Hwan Park & Jon Gerrard Skyhorse (August 01, 2013)

The ancient Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do allows its practitioners to reach physical prowess, moral development, and spiritual growth. Black Belt Tae Kwon Do is designed to meet the needs of students who...

Why I Fight: The Belt Is Just an Accessory

by Jay Dee "B.J." Penn & Dave Weintraub HarperCollins e-books (April 13, 2010)

Claiming that “the belt is just an accessory,” Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn explains Why I Fight in this honest, intimate, and fascinating memoir. Written with David...

Got Fight?: The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat

by Forrest Griffin & Erich Krauss HarperCollins e-books (June 02, 2009)

A New York Times Bestseller, Got Fight? is an hysterical, entertaining, and in-your-face guide to fighting from the most enigmatic and unpredictable fighter in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Forrest Griffin is the...

Chen: Living Taijiquan in the Classical Style

by Jan Silberstorff Singing Dragon (July 15, 2009)

In this book, Master Jan Silberstorff, a leading Chen practitioner, shares his expertise and insights into Chen style Taijiquan, explaining its background and key principles. He discusses the different Chen...

Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns: Tools & Tactics for Survival Preparedness

by Scott W. Wagner Gun Digest Books (January 23, 2013)

Is your gun a SURVIVAL GUN?

Getting through an emergency--whether fire or flood, economic collapse or mass civil rioting and every disaster small and large in between--can depend largely on the firearms you...

Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis: An Inside Look at the Most Tragic and Influential Police Gunfight of the Modern Era.

by Michael E. Wood Gun Digest Books (November 01, 2012)

As the son of a California Highway Patrolman who was a contemporary of the slain officers in the famed 1970 Newhall shooting, Michael E. Wood grew up hearing about the event and its influence on the CHP and...

Aikido Weapons Techniques: The Wooden Sword, Stick, and Knife of Aikido

by Phong Thong Dang & Lynn Seiser Tuttle Publishing (December 04, 2012)

Master the wooden weapons used in Aikido with this comprehensive martial arts training manual.

Although Aikido is often thought of as a nonviolent, noncompetitive martial art, the use of weapons was introduced...

Beyond the Lion's Den: The Life, The Fights, The Techniques

by Ken Shamrock & Erich Krauss Tuttle Publishing (November 06, 2012)

Inside the Lion's Den is the remarkable story of Ken Shamrock's ascent to the top of reality martial combat.

A legendary Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and former professional wrestler, Shamrock is an inspiration...

The Art of Life and Death: Lessons in Budo From a Ninja Master

by Sleiman Azizi, Daniel Fletcher & Masaaki Hatsumi Tuttle Publishing (November 10, 2012)

This masterfully crafted guide to ninjitsu or budo explore in depth the history, culture and philosophy of this fascinating and enduring Japanese martial art.

Budo is one of the least understood forms of art...


by Paige VanZant & Chloe Camon Hachette Book Group (April 10, 2018)


Paige VanZant is a rising Mixed Martial Arts star in the UFC's women's strawweight division and holds a reputation for her ability to defeat...

Krav Maga

by David Kahn St. Martin's Griffin (September 05, 2004)

Master the moves of krav maga--the international self-defense and physical fitness sensation

Increasingly popular around the world, krav maga is the renowned hand-to-hand Martial Arts defense fighting designed...

Advanced Aikido

by Phong Thong Dang & Lynn Seiser Tuttle Publishing (October 20, 2012)

Master Japanese Aikido with this illustrated martial arts guide.

Aikido, while uniquely beautiful among the martial arts, is also deceptively powerful, effective, and efficient. Dedicated practitioners know that...


by Paige VanZant Hachette Books (April 09, 2018)


As a young girl growing up in Newberg, Oregon, Paige Sletten was all energy and full of potential. A natural athlete, Paige excelled...

Complete Krav Maga

by Darren Levine & John Whitman Ulysses Press (June 14, 2016)

“Darren Levine has my unqualified support and gratitude for his contributions to Krav Maga.” –Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga



The Martial Artist's Book of Yoga

by Kathe Rothacher, Lily Chou & Norman G. Link Ulysses Press (August 31, 2005)

The perfect training supplement for martial artists, The Martial Artist's Book of Yoga shows how the ancient practice of yoga was the genesis of all martial arts. It clearly illustrates how specific yoga poses...

Black Belt Krav Maga

by Darren Levine & Ryan Hoover Ulysses Press (December 01, 2009)


As the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli police and military, Krav Maga has proven its effectiveness on front lines and back streets....

The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting

by Vince Morris Ulysses Press (May 28, 2008)


•Over 300 step-by-step photos show each point and strike

•Written by a 9th - Dan Master and renowned expert on pressure point fighting...

Krav Maga for Women

by Darren Levine, Ryan Hoover & Kelly Campbell Ulysses Press (February 28, 2012)


With its emphasis on instinctive movements and efficient counterattacks, Krav Maga is the ideal self-defense system for any woman regardless of strength, size or age....

Krav Maga for Beginners

by Darren Levine & Ryan Hoover Ulysses Press (February 03, 2009)


As the official fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga has

been battle-tested and has been proven successful. Its emphasis on instinctive...

The Anatomy of Martial Arts

by Lily Chou & Norman G. Link Ulysses Press (February 15, 2011)


With detailed anatomical drawings, this book precisely illustrates the inner workings of your body during key martial arts moves. Its color drawings, helpful...

The Katas

by Kenji Tokitsu Inner Traditions (September 03, 2010)

The embodiment of the ancient knowledge that underlies the dedication-to-perfection philosophy of Japan

• How mastering these specific movement sequences known as katas provides a way to deepen one’s martial...

Buddha's Bodyguard

by Jeff Eisenberg Findhorn Press (April 03, 2018)

An innovative guide to applying the strategies of a bodyguard to create a Buddhist “security plan” for protecting ourselves from suffering

• Presents the unique concept of the “bodyguard” and its protection...

Surviving the Apocalypse

by N. E. MacDougald Skyhorse (October 29, 2019)

The Apocalypse could arrive at any moment, but with Surviving the Apocalypse, you'll be well-prepared and well-trained enough to survive any disaster—even the end of the world as we know it.

Being prepared...

The Secrets of Kalis Illustrisimo: The Filipino Fighting Art Explained

by Antonio Diego & Christopher Ricketts Tuttle Publishing (October 16, 2012)

Master the art of filipino kalis with this illustrated martial arts guide.

The Filipino martial art of ilustrisimo hails from Cebu, Philippines, where martial arts are still considered a matter of life-and-death...

Pressure Point Fighting: A Guide to the Secret Heart of Asian Martial Arts

by Rick Clark Tuttle Publishing (October 16, 2012)

Supplement your martial arts skills with this expert guide to pressure point fighting.

Western students of Asian martial arts have long been haunted by the aching suspicion that something is missing from the...

Bruce Lee

by Matthew Polly & Jonathan Todd Ross Simon & Schuster Audio (June 05, 2018)

The “definitive” (The New York Times) biography of film legend Bruce Lee, who made martial arts a global phenomenon, bridged the divide between eastern and western cultures, and smashed long-held stereotypes...

The Warrior Within

by John Little, Feodor Chin, Mark Watts & Daniel Lee et al. Blackstone Publishing (December 12, 2014)

During his lifetime, legendary martial artist Bruce Leeformulated a complex personal philosophy--a synthesis of Eastern and Westernideals--that extolled the virtues of knowledge and total mastery of one's self....

Zen in the Martial Arts

by Joe Hyams & Jim Meskimen Blackstone Publishing (March 09, 2015)

"A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in hisevery action."--Samurai maxim

Under the guidance of such celebrated masters as Ed Parkerand the immortal Bruce Lee, Joe Hyams vividly recounts his more...

Striking Distance

by Charles Russo & Dan Woren Blackstone Publishing (July 01, 2016)

In the spring of 1959, eighteen-year-old Bruce Lee returned to San Francisco, the city of his birth, and quickly inserted himself into the West Coast's fledgling martial arts culture. Even though Asian fighting...

Legends of the Samurai

by Hiroaki Sato Abrams Press (March 05, 2012)

In Legends of the Samurai, Hiroaki Sato confronts both the history and the legend of the samurai, untangling the two to present an authentic picture of these legendary warriors. Through his masterful translations...

The Way of the Modern Warrior: Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century

by Stephen F. Kaufman Tuttle Publishing (November 10, 2012)

Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century.

The Way of the Modern Warrior is an explanation of the samurai philosophy of Japan's fiercest warriors, practiced for over 1000 years. The author, Hanshi Stephen...

The Ninja Defense: A Modern Master's Approach to Universal Dangers

by Stephen K. Hayes Tuttle Publishing (October 23, 2012)

Master the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu with this illustrated, informative guide.

In The Ninja Defense, the classic art of the ninja is updated for maximum effectiveness in modern day situations. Stephen...

How to Become a Mercenary

by Barry Davies Skyhorse (May 19, 2020)

For anyone who's ever considered a career as a warrior-for-hire—or who just wants to learn more about the lifestyle—How to Become a Mercenary is the ultimate guide to all the history, training, and equipment...

When Buddhists Attack: The Curious Relationship Between Zen and the Martial Arts

by Jeffrey Mann & Patrick McCarthy Tuttle Publishing (October 10, 2012)

Uncover the historical truth about Buddhist warrior monks with this informative and enlightening book.

Film, television and popular fiction have long exploited the image of the serene Buddhist monk who is master...

The International Boxing Hall of Fame's Basic Boxing Skills

by Floyd Patterson & Bert Randolph Sugar Skyhorse (May 17, 2007)

For all boxers and fans, this step-by-step guide to successful boxing by a two-time World Heavyweight Champion will be educational and entertaining. Floyd Patterson set out to pass along to you what I've learned,...

U.S. Army Intelligence and Interrogation Handbook

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (February 04, 2014)

The U.S. Army Intelligence and Interrogation Handbook provides doctrinal guidance, techniques, and procedures governing the use of interrogators as human intelligence collection agents in support of a commander’s...

U.S. Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Handbook

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (November 26, 2013)

Throughout history, military leaders have recognized the importance of reconnaissance and surveillance. Gaining and maintaining contact with the enemy is essential to win the battle, and U.S. military history...

Navy SEAL Sniper

by Brandon Webb, Glen Doherty, Don Mann & Chris Kyle Skyhorse (March 08, 2013)

The sniper is a battlefield threat second to none. Mastering the art of marksmanship is critical but is only part of what makes a Navy SEAL sniper. Snipers must be able to apply the craft in an urban environment...