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The Act of Living

by Marco Di Nunzio Cornell University Press (April 15, 2019)

According to the World Bank, Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, yet it is also one of the poorest African countries. Marco Di Nunzio's analysis of two street hustlers in Ethiopia offers...

Gender, War, and World Order

by Richard C. Eichenberg Cornell University Press (June 15, 2019)

Motivated by the lack of scholarly understanding of the substantial gender difference in attitudes toward the use of military force, Richard C. Eichenberg has mined a massive data set of public opinion surveys...

The Sexual Economy of War

by Andrew Byers Cornell University Press (May 15, 2019)

In The Sexual Economy of War, Andrew Byers argues that in the early twentieth century, concerns about unregulated sexuality affected every aspect of how the US Army conducted military operations. Far from being...

More Than Words

by Richard Fox Cornell University Press (September 15, 2018)

Grounded in ethnographic and archival research on the island of Bali, More Than Words challenges conventional understandings of textuality and writing as they pertain to the religious traditions of Southeast...

Obscene Pedagogies

by Carissa M. Harris Cornell University Press (December 15, 2018)

As anyone who has read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales knows, Middle English literature is rife with sexually explicit language and situations. Less canonical works can be even more brazen in describing illicit...

Empire of Hope

by David Leheny Cornell University Press (November 15, 2018)

Empire of Hope asks how emotions become meaningful in political life. In a diverse array of cases from recent Japanese history, David Leheny shows how sentimental portrayals of the nation and its global role...

Improvisational Islam

by Nur Amali Ibrahim Cornell University Press (October 15, 2018)

Improvisational Islam is about novel and unexpected ways of being Muslim, where religious dispositions are achieved through techniques that have little or no precedent in classical Islamic texts or concepts....

Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America

by Aby M. Warburg & Michael P. Steinberg Cornell University Press (November 01, 2016)

Aby M. Warburg (1866–1929) is recognized not only as one of the century’s preeminent art and Renaissance historians but also as a founder of twentieth-century methods in iconology and cultural studies in...

Moral Aspects of Economic Growth, and Other Essays

by Barrington Moore, Jr. Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

Barrington Moore, Jr., one of the most distinguished thinkers in critical theory and historical sociology, was long concerned with the prospects for freedom and decency in industrial society. The product of...

Women and Romance

by Laurie Langbauer Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

According to Laurie Langbauer, the notion of romance is vague precisely because it represents the chaotic negative space outside the novel that determines its form. Addressing questions of form, Langbauer reads...

Feminizing the Fetish

by Emily Apter Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

Shoes, gloves, umbrellas, cigars that are not just objects—the topic of fetishism seems both bizarre and inevitable. In this venturesome and provocative book, Emily Apter offers a fresh account of the complex...

Bang Chan

by Lauriston Sharp & Lucien M. Hanks Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

Bang Chan traces the changing cultural characteristics of a small Siamese village during the century and a quarter from its founding as a wilderness settlement outside Bangkok to its absorption into the urban...

Lesbian Mothers

by Ellen Lewin Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

Within a society that long considered "lesbian motherhood" a contradiction in terms, what were the experiences of lesbian mothers at the end of the twentieth century? In this illuminating book, lesbian mothers...

Scenes of Sympathy

by Audrey Jaffe Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

In Scenes of Sympathy, Audrey Jaffe argues that representations of sympathy in Victorian fiction both reveal and unsettle Victorian ideologies of identity. Situating these representations within the context...

Chinese Working-Class Lives

by Hill Gates Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

Taiwan’s working class has been shaped by Chinese tradition, by colonialism, and by rapid industrialization. This book defines that class, explores that history, and presents with sensitive honesty the life...

This Could Be the Start of Something Big

by Manuel Pastor, Chris Benner & Martha Matsuoka Cornell University Press (December 15, 2010)

For nearly two decades, progressives have been dismayed by the steady rise of the right in U.S. politics. Often lost in the gloom and doom about American politics is a striking and sometimes underanalyzed phenomenon:...

Machines as the Measure of Men

by Michael Adas Cornell University Press (January 26, 2015)

Over the past five centuries, advances in Western understanding of and control over the material world have strongly influenced European responses to non-Western peoples and cultures. In Machines as the Measure...

Women's Work and Chicano Families

by Patricia Zavella Cornell University Press (February 15, 2018)

At the time Women’s Work and Chicano Families: Cannery Workers of the Santa Clara Valley was published, little research had been done on the relationship between the wage labor and household labor of Mexican...

Cities for Profit

by Gavin Shatkin Cornell University Press (August 11, 2017)

Cities for Profit examines the phenomenon of urban real estate megaprojects in Asia—massive, privately built planned urban developments that have captured the imagination of politicians, policymakers, and...

The Evils of Polygyny

by Rose McDermott, Kristen Renwick Monroe, Robert Jervis & Valerie Hudson et al. Cornell University Press (May 15, 2018)

Why do men act violently toward women?

What are the consequences of "normal violence," not only for women and children but also for the men who instigate it, and for the societies that sanction it?

The Evils...

Order at the Bazaar

by Regine A. Spector Cornell University Press (July 03, 2017)

Order at the Bazaar delves into the role of bazaars in the political economy and development of Central Asia. Bazaars are the economic bedrock for many throughout the region—they are the entrepreneurial hubs...

The Development Dance

by Haley J. Swedlund Cornell University Press (August 09, 2017)

In a book full of directly applicable lessons for policymakers, Haley J. Swedlund explores why foreign aid is delivered in different ways at different times, and why various approaches prove to be politically...

Taming the Disorderly City

by Martin J. Murray Cornell University Press (August 08, 2017)

In postapartheid Johannesburg, tensions of race and class manifest themselves starkly in struggles over "rights to the city." Real-estate developers and the very poor fight for control of space as the municipal...

Protest Politics in the Marketplace

by Caroline Heldman Cornell University Press (September 08, 2017)

Protest Politics in the Marketplace examines how social media has revolutionized the use and effectiveness of consumer activism. In her groundbreaking book, Caroline Heldman emphasizes that consumer activism...

Mirrors of the Economy

by Yoshiko M. Herrera Cornell University Press (August 08, 2017)

As international institutions multiply and more governments sign on to standardized ways of organizing economies and societies, resistance to globalization persists. In Mirrors of the Economy, Yoshiko M. Herrera...

History Is a Contemporary Literature

by Ivan Jablonka & Nathan J. Bracher Cornell University Press (May 15, 2018)

Ivan Jablonka’s  History Is a Contemporary Literature offers highly innovative perspectives on the writing of history, the relationship between literature and the social sciences, and the way that both social-scientific...

The One-Way Street of Integration

by Edward G. Goetz Cornell University Press (March 15, 2018)

The One-Way Street of Integration examines two contrasting housing policy approaches to achieving racial justice. Integration initiatives and community development efforts have been for decades contrasting...

Jew Boy

by Alan Kaufman Cornell University Press (August 09, 2017)

"Kaufman’s unique voice, by turns manic and wretched, is always intoxicated with language. It was formed in the teeming streets of New York. Kaufman's writing can make gorgeous dreams of some of his most disturbing...

The Populist Persuasion

by Michael Kazin Cornell University Press (November 15, 2017)

In The Populist Persuasion, the distinguished historian Michael Kazin guides readers through the expressions of conflict between powerful elites and "the people" that have run through our civic life, filling...


by Sonya Salamon & Katherine MacTavish Cornell University Press (September 08, 2017)

In Singlewide, Sonya Salamon and Katherine MacTavish explore the role of the trailer park as a source of affordable housing. America’s trailer parks, most in rural places, shelter an estimated 12 million...

The Authority Trap

by Sarah S. Stroup & Wendy H. Wong Cornell University Press (August 09, 2017)

Not all international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) are created equal, Some have emerged as "leading INGOs" that command deference from various powerful audiences and are well-positioned to influence...

Rural Radicals

by Catherine McNicol Stock Cornell University Press (October 15, 2017)

Through its history, populism has meant hope and progress, as well as hate and a desire to turn back the clock on American history. In her new preface, Catherine McNicol Stock provides an update and overview...

Maid to Order in Hong Kong

by Nicole Constable Cornell University Press (December 15, 2017)

From reviews of the first edition:

"This ethnography is an indisputable contribution to both Asian studies and anthropology and a pioneering work in the field of transnational migration studies. I strongly recommend...

Every Valley Shall Be Exalted

by Constance Brittain Bouchard Cornell University Press (December 12, 2003)

In high medieval France, men and women saw the world around them as the product of tensions between opposites. Imbued with a Christian culture in which a penniless preacher was also the King of Kings and the...

Out of Oakland

by Sean L. Malloy Cornell University Press (June 01, 2017)

In Out of Oakland, Sean L. Malloy explores the evolving internationalism of the Black Panther Party (BPP); the continuing exile of former members, including Assata Shakur, in Cuba is testament to the lasting...

The History of the Five Indian Nations Depending on the Province of New-York in America

by Cadwallader Colden Cornell University Press (April 15, 2016)

"How should we approach The History of the Five Indian Nations today? The book's information—rich as it is—should be critically interrogated and placed in social, political, and cultural context. The book...

Antifundamentalism in Modern America

by David Harrington Watt Cornell University Press (May 09, 2017)

David Harrington Watt's Antifundamentalism in Modern America gives us a pathbreaking account of the role that the fear of fundamentalism has played—and continues to play—in American culture. Fundamentalism...

Whose Detroit?

by Heather Ann Thompson Cornell University Press (April 01, 2017)

America's urbanites have engaged in many tumultuous struggles for civil and worker rights since the Second World War. In Whose Detroit?, Heather Ann Thompson focuses in detail on the struggles of Motor City...

Fear and Fortune

by Mette M. High Cornell University Press (May 09, 2017)

Mongolia over the last decade has seen a substantial and ongoing gold rush. The widespread mining of gold looks at first glance to be a blessing for a desperately poor and largely pastoralist country where people's...

A Moral Technology

by Leo Coleman Cornell University Press (May 09, 2017)

In India over the past century, electrification has meant many things: it has been a colonial gift of modern technology, a tool of national integration and political communication, and a means of gauging the...

Defiant Priests

by Michelle Armstrong-Partida Cornell University Press (April 15, 2017)

Two hundred years after canon law prohibited clerical marriage, parish priests in the late medieval period continued to form unions with women that were marriage all but in name. In Defiant Priests, Michelle...

I Am Where I Come From

by Melanie Benson Taylor, Andrew Garrod, Robert Kilkenny & K. Tsianina Lomawaima Cornell University Press (April 15, 2017)

"The organizing principle for this anthology is the common Native American heritage of its authors; and yet that thread proves to be the most tenuous of all, as the experience of indigeneity differs radically...

Blackness Visible

by Charles W. Mills Cornell University Press (December 18, 2015)

Charles Mills makes visible in the world of mainstream philosophy some of the crucial issues of the black experience. Ralph Ellison's metaphor of black invisibility has special relevance to philosophy, whose...

A Living Wage

by Lawrence B. Glickman Cornell University Press (November 23, 2015)

The fight for a "living wage" has a long and revealing history as documented here by Lawrence B. Glickman. The labor movement's response to wages shows how American workers negotiated the transition from artisan...

Discerning Spirits

by Nancy Mandeville Caciola Cornell University Press (September 25, 2015)

Trance states, prophesying, convulsions, fasting, and other physical manifestations were often regarded as signs that a person was seized by spirits. In a book that sets out the prehistory of the early modern...

Out of Love for My Kin

by Amy Livingstone Cornell University Press (February 23, 2011)

In Out of Love for My Kin, Amy Livingstone examines the personal dimensions of the lives of aristocrats in the Loire region of France during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. She argues for a new conceptualization...

Household Accounts

by Susan Porter Benson & David Montgomery Cornell University Press (June 04, 2015)

With unprecedented subtlety, compassion and richness of detail, Susan Porter Benson takes readers into the budgets and the lives of working-class families in the United States between the two world wars. Focusing...


by Royce Hanson Cornell University Press (March 01, 2017)

Land-use policy is at the center of suburban political economies because everything has to happen somewhere but nothing happens by itself. In Suburb, Royce Hanson explores how well a century of strategic land-use...

The Affirmative Action Empire

by Terry Martin Cornell University Press

The Soviet Union was the first of Europe's multiethnic states to confront the rising tide of nationalism by systematically promoting the national consciousness of its ethnic minorities and establishing for them...

National Interests in International Society

by Martha Finnemore Cornell University Press

How do states know what they want? Asking how interests are defined and how changes in them are accommodated, Martha Finnemore shows the fruitfulness of a constructivist approach to international politics. She...