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The Wrong Carlos: Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution

by James S. Liebman, Shawn Crowley, Andrew Markquart & Lauren Rosenberg et al. Columbia University Press (July 08, 2014)

In 1989, Texas executed Carlos DeLuna, a poor Hispanic man with childlike intelligence, for the murder of Wanda Lopez, a convenience store clerk. His execution passed unnoticed for years until a team of Columbia...

Gang Life in Two Cities: An Insider's Journey

by Robert J. Durán Columbia University Press (January 15, 2013)

Refusing to cast gangs in solely criminal terms, Robert J. Durán, a former gang member turned scholar, recasts such groups as an adaptation to the racial oppression of colonization in the American Southwest....

Heinous Crime: Cases, Causes, and Consequences

by Frederic G. Reamer Columbia University Press (December 29, 2004)

What circumstances lead someone to commit murder, rape, or acts of child molestation? Why does society have such a deep-seated wish for vengeance against perpetrators of heinous crimes? Can those found guilty...

Intimate Violence: Attacks Upon Psychic Interiority

by Julie Blackman Columbia University Press (March 06, 2002)

Traditional analyses of domestic battery often point to the batterer's need for power and control to explain patterns of violent behavior. Offering a nonjudgmental and compassionate view of the interior life...

Screening Torture: Media Representations of the State of Terror and Political Dominiation

by Michael Flynn & Fabiola Fernandez Salek Columbia University Press (August 21, 2012)

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, scenes of brutality and torture have appeared in mainstream comedies, dramatic narratives, and action films, for little other reason than to titillate and delight....

Inside Private Prisons

by Lauren-Brooke Eisen Columbia University Press (November 07, 2017)

When the tough-on-crime politics of the 1980s overcrowded state prisons, private companies saw potential profit in building and operating correctional facilities. Today more than a hundred thousand of the 1.5...

Resolving Community Conflicts and Problems: Public Deliberation and Sustained Dialogue

by Roger A. Lohmann & Jon Van Til Columbia University Press (November 22, 2010)

Public deliberation and group discussion can strengthen civil society, even when participants share a historical animosity. Recently, scholars have begun to study the dialogue that sustains these conversations,...

Sex Trafficking in the United States: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice

by Andrea J. Nichols Columbia University Press (August 23, 2016)

Sex Trafficking in the United States is a unique exploration of the underlying dynamics of sex trafficking, this comprehensive volume examines the common risk factors for those who become victims, and the barriers...

On the Parole Board: Reflections on Crime, Punishment, Redemption, and Justice

by Frederic G. Reamer Columbia University Press (November 08, 2016)

Few people experience life inside of prison. Even fewer are charged with the formidable responsibility of deciding whether inmates should be released. In his twenty-four years on the Rhode Island Parole Board,...

Genetic Justice: DNA Data Banks, Criminal Investigations, and Civil Liberties

by Sheldon Krimsky & Tania Simoncelli Columbia University Press (June 01, 2010)

National DNA databanks were initially established to catalogue the identities of violent criminals and sex offenders. However, since the mid-1990s, forensic DNA databanks have expanded in some states and nations...

The Death Penalty in China: Policy, Practice, and Reform

by Hong Lu, Bin Liang & Roger Hood Columbia University Press (December 01, 2015)

China currently leads the world in death sentences and executions, making it a primary target for the global abolition movement. While the results have been subtle, anti-death penalty advocates are beginning...