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Decoding Maori Cosmology

by Laird Scranton Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (May 08, 2018)

An exploration of New Zealand’s Maori cosmology and how it relates to classic ancient symbolic traditions around the world

• Shows how Maori myths, symbols, cosmological concepts, and words reflect symbolic...

The Psychedelic Journey of Marlene Dobkin de Rios: 45 Years with Shamans, Ayahuasqueros, and Ethnobotanists

by Marlene Dobkin de Rios Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (September 09, 2009)

A look inside almost half a century of pioneering research in the Amazon and Peru by a noted anthropologist studying hallucinogens, including ayahuasca

• Reveals how ayahuasca successfully treats psychological...

The Straight Path of the Spirit: Ancestral Wisdom and Healing Traditions in Fiji

by Richard Katz Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (April 01, 1999)

The inspiring story of one man's exploration of indigenous healing in a culture fighting to preserve its spiritual health.

• A firsthand account of a little-known healing tradition.

• A dramatic story of...

Bushman Shaman

by Bradford Keeney Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (November 09, 2004)

The author’s journey to becoming a Bushman shaman and healer and how this tradition relates to shamanic practices around the world

• Explores the Bushmen’s ecstatic shaking and dancing practices

• Written...

Twilight Language of the Nagual

by Merilyn Tunneshende Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (July 27, 2004)

Reveals how the Nagual shamans move between this world and the dream realms

• Shows how the Twilight Language of Dreaming is an avenue for understanding the energetic gateways of human existence

• Presents...

Prayers and Meditations of the Quero Apache

by Maria Yracébûrû, Alberto Villoldo & Brooke Medicine Eagle Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (March 09, 2004)

Teaches the traditional Quero Apache meditative practice of entering the silence--a combination of prayer, meditation, and breathwork--as a path to spiritual healing and enlightenment

• Contains 24 prayer...

The Neanderthal Legacy

by Stan Gooch Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (April 18, 2008)

A direct appeal for a revolution in our educational system to restore the connection with our Neanderthal heritage

• Examines the genetic evidence for Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon crossbreeding and the dual-nature...

Masters of the Living Energy

by Joan Parisi Wilcox Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (July 12, 2004)

An intimate glimpse into the world of ancient Peruvian spiritual practice and cosmology

• Reveals the mysteries of the world of living energy (kawsay pacha) through intensive in-depth interviews with six Q’ero...

The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales

by Felice Vinci Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (December 20, 2005)

Compelling evidence that the events of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey took place in the Baltic and not the Mediterranean

• Reveals how a climate change forced the migration of a people and their myth to ancient...

The Seven Dawns of the Aumakua

by Moke Kupihea Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (March 03, 2004)

An extensive examination of Hawaiian spiritual tradition and its emphasis on ancestral spirits by a descendant of an ancient lineage of Hawaiian priests

• Describes the time-honored intergenerational bond between...

The Cry of the Huna

by Moke Kupihea Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (May 10, 2005)

Explores the breakdown in the chain of cultural transmission that has led to the decimation of Hawaiian spirituality, and how it can be restored

• Shows how reconnection to the ancestral ways can be achieved...

The Dream Culture of the Neanderthals

by Stan Gooch Inner Traditions/Bear & Company (January 12, 2006)

Explores the influence of Neanderthal man on the cultural and biological development of humanity

• Traces the power of long-held beliefs and superstitions to the influence of Neanderthal lunar and dream-based...