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Ethnography, Superdiversity and Linguistic Landscapes: Chronicles of Complexity

by Dr. Jan Blommaert Multilingual Matters (August 09, 2013)

Superdiversity has rendered familiar places, groups and practices extraordinarily complex, and the traditional tools of analysis need rethinking. In this book, Jan Blommaert investigates his own neighbourhood...

Objects, Bodies and Work Practice

by Dr. Dennis Day & Johannes Wagner Multilingual Matters (July 02, 2019)

What role do material objects play in the in-situ, embodied and spatial circumstances of interaction? How do people organize their embodied conduct with regard to such objects, and how is this consequential...

Translation and Global Spaces of Power

by Stefan Baumgarten & Jordi Cornellà-Detrell Multilingual Matters (October 09, 2018)

This book focuses on the role of translation in a globalising world. It presents a series of case studies that explore the ways in which translation is subject to ideology and power play across diverging domains...

Speaking Up

by Allyson Jule Multilingual Matters (July 01, 2018)

From slut-shaming to the allegedly shrill voices of female politicians, from vocal fry to online misogyny, the language women use (and the language used about them) is as controversial as it has ever been. Our...

Educating Refugee-background Students

by Shawna Shapiro, Raichle Farrelly & Mary Jane Curry Multilingual Matters (April 17, 2018)

This collection of empirical work offers an in-depth exploration of key issues in the education of adolescents and adults with refugee backgrounds residing in North America, Australia and Europe. These studies...

The Multilingual Citizen

by Assist. Prof. Lisa Lim, Christopher Stroud & Dr. Lionel Wee Multilingual Matters (February 27, 2018)

In this ground-breaking collection of essays, the editors and authors develop the idea of Linguistic Citizenship. This notion highlights the importance of practices whereby vulnerable speakers themselves exercise...

Representations of the World in Language Textbooks

by Karen Risager Multilingual Matters (December 15, 2017)

This book presents a new and comprehensive framework for the analysis of representations of culture, society and the world in textbooks for foreign and second language learning. The framework is transferable...

Dialogues with Ethnography

by Dr. Jan Blommaert Multilingual Matters (December 15, 2017)

This book persuasively argues the case that ethnography must be viewed as a full theoretical system, rather than just as a research method. Blommaert traces the influence of his reading of classic works about...

Heritage and School Language Literacy Development in Migrant Children

by Raphael Berthele & Amelia Lambelet Multilingual Matters (November 01, 2017)

This book discusses literacy development in heritage language speakers and presents the results of four different quantitative studies that investigate the transfer of literacy skills in bi- and multilingual...

Translating for the Community

by Mustapha Taibi Multilingual Matters (November 01, 2017)

Written by translation practitioners, teachers and researchers, this edited volume is a much-needed contribution to the under-researched area of community translation. Its chapters outline the specific nature...

Scripts of Servitude

by Beatriz P. Lorente Multilingual Matters (October 19, 2017)

This book examines how language is a central resource in transforming migrant women into transnational domestic workers. Focusing on the migration of women from the Philippines to Singapore, the book unpacks...

Teaching Intercultural Competence Across the Age Range

by Manuela Wagner, Dorie Conlon Perugini & Prof. Michael Byram Multilingual Matters (October 19, 2017)

This ground-breaking book is the first to describe in detail how teachers, supported by university educators and education advisers, might plan and implement innovative ideas based on sound theoretical foundations....

Narratives of East Asian Women Teachers of English

by Gloria Park Multilingual Matters (September 13, 2017)

This book is a powerful narrative of how six women experienced their lives alongside their desire to overcome the challenging and empowering nature of the English language. The volume shares who they are as...

Language, Education and Neoliberalism

by Alfonso Del Percio & Mi-Cha Flubacher Multilingual Matters (September 25, 2017)

This edited volume presents an empirical account of how neoliberal ideas are adopted on the ground by different actors in different educational settings, from bilingual education in the US, to migrant work...

Taking Chinese to the World

by Wei Ye Multilingual Matters (September 13, 2017)

In this book the author explores the work and living experiences of Confucius Institute Chinese teachers (CICTs) in the UK, how they interpret and make sense of their sojourning experience, and how this context...

Going Performative in Intercultural Education

by John Crutchfield & Manfred Schewe Multilingual Matters (August 24, 2017)

Over the last two decades drama pedagogy has helped to lay the foundations for a new teaching and learning culture, one that accentuates physicality and centres on performative experience. Signs of this ‘performative...

Race and Ethnicity in English Language Teaching

by Christopher Joseph Jenks Multilingual Matters (August 14, 2017)

This book examines racism and racialized discourses in the ELT profession in South Korea. The book is informed by a number of different critical approaches to race and discourse, and the discussions contained...

Becoming Diasporically Moroccan

by Lauren Wagner Multilingual Matters (July 31, 2017)

Questions persist about post-migrant generations and their sense of belonging in one homeland or another. As descendants of migrants, ‘second’ and further generations often struggle to establish an unproblematic...

Statehood, Scale and Hierarchy

by Lauren Zentz Multilingual Matters (August 03, 2017)

Against the background of language and nation formation in Indonesia, this book demonstrates how language planning is inseparable from the broader actions of the state, and how postcolonial nationalism and globalization...

Soft Power and the Worldwide Promotion of Chinese Language Learning

by Dr. Jeffrey Gil Multilingual Matters (May 11, 2017)

‘The Confucius Institute Project’ – consisting of Confucius Institutes and Classrooms, the posting of Chinese language teachers to overseas schools and universities and the Chinese Bridge language competition...

The Socially Responsible Feminist EFL Classroom

by Reiko Yoshihara Multilingual Matters (May 11, 2017)

This book explores the realities of feminist EFL teachers’ lives through interviews and classroom observations with eight EFL teachers at Japanese universities. The data contained in the book broaden our understanding...

A Beginner's Guide to Language and Gender

by Allyson Jule Multilingual Matters (May 16, 2017)

In this revised and updated 2nd edition of her pioneering textbook, Allyson Jule offers fresh insights into the study of language and gender for those new to the subject. Students will gain a thorough grounding...

Translating Milan Kundera

by Michelle Woods Multilingual Matters (May 04, 2006)

Translating Milan Kundera uses new archival research to view the wider cultural scope of the translation issue involving the controversies surrounding Kundera’s translated novels. It focuses on the language...

A Companion to Translation Studies

by Dr. Piotr Kuhiwczak & Dr. Karin Littau Multilingual Matters (April 12, 2007)

A Companion to Translation Studies is the first work of its kind. It provides an authoritative guide to key approaches in translation studies. All of the essays are specially commissioned for this collection,...

Providing Health Care in the Context of Language Barriers

by Elizabeth A. Jacobs & Lisa C. Diamond Multilingual Matters (April 21, 2017)

Global migration continues to increase, and with it comes increasing linguistic diversity. This presents obvious challenges for both healthcare provider and patient, and the chapters in this volume represent...

Ideology, Ethics and Policy Development in Public Service Interpreting and Translation

by Carmen Valero-Garcés & Rebecca Tipton Multilingual Matters (March 08, 2017)

This edited collection brings together new research on public service interpreting and translation (PSIT) with a focus on ideology, ethics and policy development. The contributions provide fresh theoretical...

Collaborative Research in Multilingual Classrooms

by Corey Denos, Dr. Kelleen Toohey, Kathy Neilson & Bonnie Waterstone Multilingual Matters (February 05, 2009)

Reporting on the research collaborations of a group of teachers, graduate students and a university professor, this book weaves together their collective insights about how classrooms might be better for students...

English as a Local Language

by Christina Higgins Multilingual Matters (July 08, 2009)

When analyzed in multilingual contexts, English is often treated as an entity that is separable from its linguistic environment. It is often the case, however, that multilinguals use English in hybrid and transcultural...

Discourse, Identity, and China's Internal Migration

by Dong Jie Multilingual Matters (August 19, 2011)

Rural-urban migration has been going on in China since the early 1980s, resulting in complicated sociolinguistic environments. Migrant workers are the backbone of China's fast growing economy, and yet little...

Language and Learning in the International University

by Bent Preisler, Ida Klitgård & Anne Fabricius Multilingual Matters (July 18, 2011)

This book views the international university as a microcosm of a world where internationalization does not equate with across-the-board use of English, but rather with the practice of linguistic and cultural...

Contesting Europe's Eastern Rim

by Dr. Ljiljana Saric, Dr. Andreas Musolff, Dr. Stefan Manz & Prof. Ingrid Hudabiunigg Multilingual Matters (November 15, 2010)

Since 1989, Europe’s eastern rim has been in constant flux. This collection focuses on how political and economic transformations have triggered redefinitions of cultural identity. Using discursive modes of...

ELT, Gender and International Development

by Roslyn Appleby Multilingual Matters (August 03, 2010)

For believers in the power of English, language as aid can deliver the promise of a brighter future; but in a neocolonial world of international development, a gulf exists between belief and reality. Rich with...

Linguistic Landscape in the City

by Prof. Elana Shohamy, Prof. Eliezer Ben-Rafael & Monica Barni Multilingual Matters (July 29, 2010)

This book focuses on linguistic landscapes in present-day urban settings. In a wide-ranging collection of studies of major world cities, the authors investigate both the forces that shape linguistic landscape...

The Intercultural Dynamics of Multicultural Working

by Dr. Maria Manuela Guilherme, Evelyne Glaser & Dr. María del Carmen Méndez-García Multilingual Matters (July 08, 2010)

This book is a theoretical and practical discussion of intercultural communication and interaction and is aimed at academic courses as well as professional development programmes. It focuses, from a critical...

The Knowledge Economy, Language and Culture

by Dr. Glyn Williams Multilingual Matters (March 24, 2010)

Together with changes in the nature of modernity, globalisation is restructuring society. The sovereignty of the nation-state is undermined, the structuring of identity is realigned and a sense of individualism...

Social Justice Language Teacher Education

by Dr. Margaret R. Hawkins Multilingual Matters (October 06, 2011)

Social justice language teacher education is a response to the acknowledgement that there are social/societal inequities that shape access to learning and educational achievement. In social justice language...

Decolonizing Literacy

by Gregorio Hernandez-Zamora Multilingual Matters (April 20, 2010)

Millions of descendants of the former colonized and enslaved peoples around the world are now classified as poor readers, bad writers, and slow learners. Are they illiterate or silenced people? Are they global...

Bodies and Language

by Prof. Vaidehi Ramanathan Multilingual Matters (November 26, 2009)

This book critically addresses the role of language in our collective construction of ‘normal’ bodies. Addressing a range of concerns linked with visible and invisible, chronic and terminal conditions, the...

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

by Dr. Jennifer Miller, Alex Kostogriz & Dr. Margaret Gearon Multilingual Matters (October 20, 2009)

A critical reality of contemporary education in a globalised world is the growing cultural, racial and linguistic diversity in schools and the issues involved in educating increasing numbers of students who...

Engaging Superdiversity

by Karel Arnaut, Martha Sif Karrebæk, Dr. Massimiliano Spotti & Dr. Jan Blommaert Multilingual Matters (December 09, 2016)

This book is the fruition of five years’ work in exploring the idea of superdiversity. The editors argue that sociolinguistic superdiversity could be a source of inspiration to a wide range of post-structuralist,...

Language, Identity and Education on the Arabian Peninsula

by Louisa Buckingham Multilingual Matters (November 29, 2016)

This collection examines the urban multilingual realities of inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula in the early 21st century from the perspectives of learners, teachers and researchers. Focusing on both public...

Hybrid Identities and Adolescent Girls

by Laurel D. Kamada Multilingual Matters (December 23, 2009)

This is the first in-depth examination of “half-Japanese” girls in Japan focusing on ethnic, gendered and embodied ‘hybrid’ identities. Challenging the myth of Japan as a single-race society, these girls...

Medical Discourse in Professional, Academic and Popular Settings

by Pilar Ordóñez-López & Nuria Edo-Marzá Multilingual Matters (July 27, 2016)

This volume investigates the features and challenges of medical discourse between medical professionals as well as with patients and in the media. Based on corpus-driven studies, it includes a wide variety of...

Talking About Global Migration

by Theresa Catalano Multilingual Matters (April 28, 2016)

How do migrants describe themselves and their experiences? As the world faces a migration crisis, there is an enhanced need for educational responses to the linguistic and cultural diversity of student bodies,...

English for Diplomatic Purposes

by Patricia Friedrich Multilingual Matters (April 28, 2016)

English is used in diplomatic contexts worldwide, including in situations where none of the interlocutors are native-speakers. This ground-breaking volume brings together the perspectives of researchers and...

Language, Immigration and Naturalization

by Ariel Loring & Prof. Vaidehi Ramanathan Multilingual Matters (March 24, 2016)

This volume focuses on the everyday legalities and practicalities of naturalization including governmental processes, the language of citizenship tests and classes, the labelling and lived experiences of immigrants/outsiders...

Refugee Resettlement in the United States

by Emily M. Feuerherm & Prof. Vaidehi Ramanathan Multilingual Matters (November 02, 2015)

This edited volume brings together scholars from various disciplines to discuss how language is used by, for, and about refugees in the United States in order to deepen our understanding of what ‘refugee’...

Cultural Migrants and Optimal Language Acquisition

by Fanny Forsberg Lundell & Prof. Inge Bartning Multilingual Matters (July 31, 2015)

This volume investigates cultural migrants: people who, from their own free will, move to another country because of their interest in the target language and culture. Chapters include studies on cultural migrants...

Urban Diversities and Language Policies in Medium-Sized Linguistic Communities

by Emili Boix-Fuster Multilingual Matters (July 31, 2015)

This book examines medium-sized linguistic communities in urban contexts against the backdrop of the language policies which have been implemented in these respective areas. The authors provide new data and...