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Forklift Safety: A Practical Guide to Preventing Powered Industrial Truck Incidents and Injuries

by George Swartz Government Institutes (June 01, 1999)

Written for the more than 1.5 million powered industrial truck operators and supervisors in general industry, as well as those in the construction and marine industries, this Second Edition provides an updated...

NIOSH Case Studies in Bioaerosols

by Shirley A. Ness Government Institutes (January 01, 1996)

Conducted by NIOSH, these comprehensive case studies bring the latest research and technology to bear on workplace health problems which companies are likely to encounter at a variety of worksites. These hard-to-find...

Safety Engineering: Principles and Practices

by Frank R. Spellman & Nancy E. Whiting Government Institutes (December 16, 2004)

The new Safety Engineering provides an overview of the fundamentals with expanded coverage of practical information for protecting workers and complying with federal regulations. This new edition features eight...

Homeland Security Law Handbook: A Guide to the Legal and Regulatory Framework

by Blank Rome & Kelley Drye Warren Government Institutes (October 01, 2003)

The new Homeland Security Law Handbook provides a comprehensive reference book for business, industry, and government as well as those faced with the new legal and security issues raised by new public laws,...

Managing Change for Safety & Health Professionals: A Six Step Process

by David F. Pierce Government Institutes (May 30, 1997)

Pierce helps you take control of the dizzying process of effecting changing procedures, processes, and attitudes in your company's safety and health program and then position your operations for continuous improvement....

Keys to Behavior-Based Safety

by E. Scott Geller Government Institutes (October 01, 2001)

This book provides a collection of 28 writings from Scott Geller's regular column in 'Industrial Safety and Hygiene News,' from Geller's associates at Safety Performance Solutions, and from the American Society...

PSM/RMP Auditing Handbook: A Checklist Approach

by David Einolf & Luverna Menghini Government Institutes (November 01, 1999)

This book provides facility managers with an easy-to-use annotated guide to completing a Process Safety Management/Risk Management Planning (PSM/RMP) audit and determining compliance. Using this reference, you'll...

Excavation Safety: A Guide to OSHA Compliance and Injury Prevention

by Carl O. Morgan Government Institutes (June 01, 2003)

Addressing the most common causes of excavation, trenching, and shoring violations, Excavation Safety provides you with the insight you need to ensure compliance and protect workers' lives and company investments....

Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling

by Keith Bodger Government Institutes (April 01, 2003)

This easy-to-use reference not only provides you with a basic understanding of environmental sampling concepts, but it also provides you with the information you need to perform your tasks with ease and efficiency....

Warehouse Safety: A Practical Guide to Preventing Warehouse Incidents and Injuries

by George Swartz Government Institutes (May 01, 1999)

Because warehouses typically contain no dangerous machines or high-risk operations, employers and employees often develop a false sense of safety and security. With this book, you will learn how to proactively...

Machine Guarding Handbook: A Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance and Injury Prevention

by Frank R. Spellman & Nancy E. Whiting Government Institutes (October 01, 1999)

This 106-page book explores and discusses the hazards of unguarded machines, common safeguarding methods, the safeguarding of machines and robots, the importance of guarding, the varying methods of machine guarding,...

Building Successful Safety Teams

by E. Scott Geller Government Institutes (September 01, 2001)

Learn how to implement a team-based process that enables all members to be responsible to the safety process. In five easy-to-read chapters, behavioral-based safety expert Scott Geller explains the function...

Beyond Safety Accountability

by E. Scott Geller Government Institutes (October 01, 2001)

Written in an easy-to-read conversational tone, Beyond Safety Accountability explains how to develop an organizational culture that encourages people to be accountable for their work practices and to embrace...

Emergency Planning and Management: Ensuring Your Company's Survival in the Event of a Disaster

by William H. Stringfield Government Institutes (July 01, 2000)

Using this reference as your guide, you'll learn how to assess your business's vulnerability to disasters, evaluate planning considerations, preserve records, and avoid the fate of those businesses that do not...

Managing Electrical Safety

by James H. Wiggins Jr. Government Institutes (September 01, 2001)

Managing Electrical Safety provides an overview of electric basics, hazards, and established standards that enables you to understand the hazards you are likely to encounter in your workplace. Focusing on typical...

PPE Made Easy

by Jeffrey O. Stull Government Institutes (June 01, 1998)

Using an easy-to-use checklist format, author Jeffrey Stull, an internationally recognized expert in the area of protective clothing, examines the types of industrial and fire hazards that warrant PPE protection....